The Washington Area DBA Gamers (WADBAG)

WADBAG Sponsored Event

"To the Strongest"
DBA Phalanx Theme Tourney

WADBAG sponsored, and Gamemaster Mark Pozniak ran, this special theme tourney in conjunction with the 2005 HMGS Fall'In Convention.

Players: Unlimited
Time: Friday, 7pm-Midnight
Rounds: 4
Scale: 15mm
Format: 1 on 1 Swiss Chess
Board: 30 inch square
GM: Mark Pozniak

Visit the glory of the Macedonian Phalanx -- from its rise under Phillip in 355BC until the dawn of Roman supremacy. Players must provide their own armies from the Eligible Army List.

Eligible Armies: I6c. Early Bedouin, I/7c. Early Libyan, I/35d. Cypriot and Phoenician, I/43ab. Kimmerian or Skythian, I/47. Illyrian, I/48. Thracian, I/63. Paionian, II/5a-g, i. Later Hoplite Greek, II/6. Bithynian, II/7. Later Achaemenid Persian, II/11. Gallic, II/12 Alexandrian Macedonian, II/14. Ariarathid Kappadokian, II/15. Alexandrian Imperial, II/16a-d. Asiatic Early Successor, II/17. Lysimachid, II/18a-e. Macedonian Early Successor, II/19abc. Seleucid, II/20ab. Ptolemaic, II/22a. Arabo-Aramean, II/23a-c. Later Pre-Islamic Arab, II/27ab. Pyrrhic, II/28b. Early Armenian, II/30a-b. Galatian, II/31a-j. Hellenistic Greek, II/34. Attalid Pergamene, II/35. Later Macedonian, II/36a. Graeco-Bactrian, II/37. Parthian, II/43. Maccabean Jewish.


Mark's Report

I had the pleasure of hosting the "To the Strongest" theme tournament. 18 players participated! Definitely a better turnout than I expected. Here are the results for the "To the Strongest" theme. I guess it was appropriate that in the final round the Greeks (Joe Collins) and the Persians (Jason Boswick) were fighting it out for control of the empire. Congratulations to Joe Collins!

1. Joe Collins - LHG Thessalian - 95 pts
2. David Schlanger - Maccabean Jewish - 73 pts
3. Jason Bostwick - Later Achaemenid Persian - 71pts
4. David Kuijt - Parthians - 71 pts (lost countback tie-breaker)
5. David Bostwick - AES Antigonos - 69 pts
6. Ed Dillon - Alexander Macedonian - 68 pts
7. Jeff Hiley - Ptolemaic - 56 pts
8. Rich Baier - Graeco-Bactrian - 50 pts
9. Jack Sheriff - Early Armenian - 49 pts
10. Jon Bostwick - Pre-Islamic Arabs - 48 pts
11. Larry Chaban - AES Antigonos - 48 pts (lost head-to-head tie-breaker)
12. Alan Isabelle - AES Eumenes - 32 pts
13. Tom Powell-Bullock - Bedouin - 30 pts
14. Shervin Boloorian - Parthians - 29 pts
14. Peter Sheriff - Alexander Macedonian - 29 pts (lost countback tie-breaker)
16. Barry Katz - ? - 27 pts
17. Alex Bostwick - Gallic - 22 pts
18. James T. Miller - LHG Spartan -

Last Update:  30 Nov. 2005

Contact: Chris Brantley