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WADBAG Battle Report:
Chalons 451AD
Giant Battle DBA at Historicon 2004

By David Schlanger and David Kuijt

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This Giant DBA scenario was originally run at Fall In! 2001, and brought back with minor tweaks for Historicon 2004. We have received a lot of positive feedback on the event, and plan to run it again on September 24, 2005 at NOVAG's Fall GAMECON as part of De Bellis Vasingtonium.

Players observe setup and receive instruction

Players receive their marching orders. Each player assumes the role of an historical figure who participated in the battle, and receives his own specific victory condition/goal.

Rome and its allies - 'The Bostwicks' - (left to right) Jonathan, David, Jason, and Alex

The 'serious' Roman side, consisting of (left to right) King Theodoric the Visigoth (Jonathan Bostwick), King Sangipan the Alan (David Bostwick), Aetius of Rome (Jason Bostwick), and Grimald the Frank (Alex Bostwick).

Huns and allies - (left to right) Al Phillips, Mike Stelzer, Hank Drapalski, and Jeff Caruso

The 'jovial' Hun army, consisting of (left to right) King Adaric the Gepid (Al Phillips), Octar the Hun (Mike Stelzer), Attilla the Hun (Hank Drapalski), and Valamir the Ostrogoth (Jeff Caruso).

The game begins - Huns on the left / Romans on the right

Attilla moves his troops forward aggressively looking to mix it up with King Sangipan.

Sangipan vs. Attilla - Romans on left / Huns on right

Sangipan looks very willing to take on Attilla's strength, as two bounds into the game it looks like there will soon be massive combat. Attilla may have outrun his own flank support, at least on his left where the sluggish Valamir struggles to keep his Ostrogoths interested in battle.

Sangipan vs. Attilla - Closeup

A closer look at the positioning of the two opposing lines of Light Horse at the end of bound 2.

Sangipan and Attilla - Engaged

We have contact!

Sangipan and Attilla - Where are the Ostrogoths?

Theodoric has moved his Visigoth bowmen into a strong position threatening Attilla's left flank. Attilla could use some support from the Ostrogoths on his left while he looks to exploit the other end of Sangipan's line. Looks like the Ostrogoths were ill prepared for battle though and Valamir may be caught sleeping on the job.

Sangipan and Attilla - Hole Punched

Holes have been punched on both sides, but Attilla must be getting a little worried about his unreliable Ostrogothic ally and Aetius moving to support Sangipan's left flank where moments before there had been an opening to exploit.

Warrior's Perspective

A view of the battlefield from the warrior's perspective.

Skirmishing Visigoths

The Visigoths move some foot forward to skirmish with the Ostrogoths, in an effort to even further slow them down.

Valamir's Pass o' the North Ostrogoths - Closeup

The Ostrogoths may be slow to commit to battle, but they are beautifully carved by Pass o' the North.

Aerial View of the Battle

The Roman left where the frenzied Gepid and Frank warband face off will soon be joined. We also see in the distance that Octar is looking to exploit a gap between Aetius' left flank and Grimald's Frankish ally command.

Adaric's Gepids (left) vs. Grimald's Franks (right)

We move to the other side of the battle where the Gepids and Franks draw near. Just beyond the far end of the Frankish line we can see Octar's Huns whirling into Aetius' flank. Grimald has released some of his foot to deal with this problem.

Aerial View of the Roman left

This overhead view highlights the gap between the Roman left and their Frankish ally. We see the swirling mass of troops where Octar's Huns are pressuring.

Pinned Hunnic Light Horse - here comes Aetius!

Due to the desperate threat that Octar poses to the Roman cause, Aetius himself joins the fray. He is supported by both his Roman elites and Frankish allies, who using their psychotic double move have severely threatened the now pinned Hun Light Horse.

Valamir (left), Theodoric (center), Sangipan (right)

Do you think Valamir and Theodoric realize that they are mortal enemies with a serious blood feud on their hands?

Adaric (left), Octar (left center), Attilla (right center, and Valamir (right)

Attilla and Valamir seem pleased that Aetius has committed to battle so early, and is struggling to hold the Roman left against Octar's high flying Huns.

Theodoric (left), Sangipan (left center), Aetius (right center), and Grimald (right)

Aetius, Sangipan and Grimald all seem focused on Octar's threat, while Theodoric licks his chops at the prospect of cutting up some Ostrogoths.

Huns on the Hill!

Notice the Hun Light Horse fighting down hill. Octar is moving in force towards the gap with his cavalry. It looks like Aetius will need more help from the Franks, but the Franks need to start worrying about the Gepids to their front.


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