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Old 08-30-2009, 12:42 PM
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Default Roundway 15mm Granada range


I notice that Roundway make a fairly complete range for Granada.
However, there's invariably only 1 pose per pack, and there's the added problem that I've not seen any of this range.
Does anyone have any of these figures?
For info - the range comprises:
Heavy Cavalry Code - RKM1
Jinette Code - RKM2
Mounted Crossbowman Code - RKM3
Peasant Crossbowman Code - RKM4
Foot soldier with javelin Code - RKM5
Staff slinger Code - RKM6
Hand Gunner Code - RKM7


Geoff - "elliesdad" (currently banished upstairs to use the PC whilst Ellie and her friends celebrate her birthday with a fancy-dress, murder mystery)
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