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Old 08-25-2017, 02:05 PM
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Default Two Questions on Shooting

Hello All,

Situation one:

A Shooter A unit, in a woods is distance firing at Shooter unit B who is completely outside the woods. Shooter A is at the edge so there is less than an 50p of woods between A and B.

Question, does Shooter A add +2 to its die roll because it is in the woods? In this exchange Shooter B is at a large disadvantage against the sneaky woodsmen.

I ask this because while I understand the +2 from a defense mechanism. It seems a little odd that is also makes the unit shooting from inside the woods much more effective. Is it because they have less to worry about, so their aim is better?

Situation two:

Shooter unit A is within range and arc of Blade unit B. Shooter unit A is inside a wood feature. The closest distance between the two units travels across less than 50p of woods. The majority of the front edge of Shooter A is over 50p of woods.

Question, Can Shooter A shot Blade B. Is the shortest distance the only one that matters for determining LOS or is there a rule where both corners have to have range and LOS.

Thanks for any help

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Old 09-04-2017, 04:05 PM
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Default Shooting and Line of Sight

Hello , Certainly you must have line of sight from both corners otherwise the target is obscured. The lines extending to the target must not cross - at least it is so in DBA. As for the + 2 to the Shooters I cannot say, my copy of HoTT is lurking.
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