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Old 05-27-2016, 10:47 AM
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Your statement is centered on one argument:

Originally Posted by GMWestermeyer View Post
The problem ethically, IMO, was the tournaments, which cross the line from fair use to published.
This argument sees organizing a tournament like organizing a theatre play as a form of publishing. Surely a theatre play needs the allowance (and usually has to pay for) of the author.

But are these two comparable? I dont think so.

But if that is the statement, than why would it be allowed to organize a DBA 3.0 tournament without permission? Or, hell beware, making a campaign day in public and using DBA 3.0 with house rules?

Obviously buying a rules set gives you the right, to use the rules for play. Even in public! And even with a house rule ammendement. I dont see, that Barker is able to take that right away, after it was given by selling the rules in the first place.
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