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Default Book 2 unpainted 15mm V2.2 DBA Armies 20% Off

Close out sale
20% off listed price.

Unpainted 15 mm DBA armies for Version 2.2


This offer is not for a squeamish General. The following list are 15mm armies of mixed manufacturers (except where noted) and all options may not be present. Generally each stand will be of the same manufacturer. Please do not ask me to try to figure out what is in a pack, as I will not know. There are a lot of Essex, Museum and Old Glory but there will also be many figures that are no longer produced. Postage will be what ever it takes to ship a bag of lead from the center of the U.S. to your house. You will notice that the prices are good if you can accept that your army may not all be in the same pose and of identical height.
The asterisk has no meaning except for my inventory.

Please email me off list at


2/5(b) Later Hoplite Greek, Athens
3Cv, 2Lh, 32Sp, 3Ax, 2Ps $15.45
2/5(c) Later Hoplite Greek, Theban
6Cv, 32Sp, 4Ax, 4Ps $17.25
2/5(d) Later Hoplite Greek, Thessalian
9Cv,2Lh, 24Sp, 4Ps, 8ax $19.00
2/5 (e) Later Hoplite Greek, Aitolian
16Sp, 14Ps, 2Lh $11.25
2/5(g) Later Hoplite Greek, Italiot
3Cv, 4Lh, 2Ps, 32Sp $15.75
2/5(h)Sold Later Hoplite Greek, Siciliot
3Cv, 32Sp, 6Ps $14.50
2/5(i) Later Hoplite Greek, other states
3Cv, 32Sp, 8Ax, 2Ps $15.90

2/6 Bithynian
3Cv, 2Lh, 21Ax, 4Wb, 4Ps $11.25

2/9 Sold Syracusan
6Cv, 24Sp, 3Wb, 4Ax, 2Lh, 1Art, 2Ps $20.10

2/10 Camillan Roman
6Cv, 12Bd, 20Sp, 4Ps $15.80

2/11 Sold Gallic
1Lch, 6Cv, 24Wb, 2Ps $16.50

2/12 Alexandrian Macedonian
3Kn, 3Cv, 2Lh, 8Ax, 4Ps, 4Sp, 24Pk $18.50

2/14(x3) Ariarathid Kappadokian
9Cv, 4Lh, 15Ax, 4Ps $12.50

2/15 Alexander Imperial
6kn, 2lh, 24Pk, 1Art, 4Ax, 4Ps $19.80

2/16(a) Asiatic Early Successor, Antigones
24Pk, 3Kn, 3Cv, 2Lh, 1El, 4Ps $18.25
2/16(c) Asiatic Early Successor, Alketas
3Kn, 16Pk, 9Ax, 8Ps $12.85

2/17 Lysimachid
3Kn, 2Lh, 16Pk, 12Ax, 2Ps, 4Sp $13.00

2/18(a) Antipathros, Macedonian Early Successor
3Kn, 3Cv, 24PK, 1El, 4Ax, 4Ps $15.50
2/18(c) Kassandros, Macedonian Early Successor
3Kn, 3Cv, 16Pk, 16Ax, 1El, 2Ps $16.00

2/19(a) Seleucid (Feudal Castings)
6Kn, 2Lh, 8Pk, 1Sch, 3Ax, 4Ps, 2El $26.00
2/19 (b) Seleudid
6Kn, 16Pk, 1Sch, 1El, 4Wb, 6Ps, 8Ax $21.50
2/19 (d) Seleudid
8Kn, 2Lh, 3Cv, 16Pk, 8Ax, 1El, 6Ps, 4Bd $22.50

2/25(x2) Bosporan
12Kn, 16Ax, 4Ps, 6Bw $16.50

2/27(a) Pyrrhic
3Kn, 3Cv, 24Pk, 8Sp, 4Ps $15.75
2/27(b) Pyrrhic
3Kn/Cv, 3Cv, 4Lh, 1El, 16Pk, 8Sp, 4Ax, 2Ps $20.00

3/32 sold Later Carthage (Corvis Belli)
6Cv. 2Lh, 1El, 2Ps, 12Sp, 9Wb $17.75
3/32 sold Later Carthage
6Cv, 4Lh, 2El, 8Ps, 3Ax, 12Sp, 9Wb $22.75

2/33(x3) Polybian Rome (Donnington)
6Cv, 24Bd, 8Sp, 4Ps $17.25
2/33 sold Polybian Rome (Outpost Miniatures)
6Cv, 24Bd, 8Sp, 4Ps $17.25

2/34 Attalid Pergamene
3Kn, 3Cv, 2Lh, 4Wb, 28Ax, 4Ps $14.50

2/35(x2) Later Macedonian
3Cv, 2Lh, 24Pk, 11Ax, 4Wb, 2Ps $16.75

2/39 (a) Ancient Spanish (Iberian)
3Cv, 2Lh, 18 Ax, 8Ps $10.50
2/39 (b) Ancient Spanish (Celt-Iberian)
3Cv, 2Lh, 18Wb, 8Ps $11.90

2/41(b) Han Chinese * (Essex)
9Cv, 4Lh, 12Cb, 12Sp, 2Ps $18.20

2/44(x2) Commagene
8Kn, 4Lh, 8Pk, 12Bw, 4Ax, 2Ps $16.40

2/45 Sparticus
3Cv, 16Bd, 25Wb, 4Ps $16.75

2/47 Early German (a & b & g & f)
9Cv, 40Wb, 2Ps, 2Lh $20.00
2/47 Early German (c & d & e)
3Cv, 27Wb, 8Ax, 4Ps $14.90

2/49(x3) Marian Roman
8Cv, 32Bd, 3Ax, 4Ps $17.50

2/53 Ancient British
3Lch, 4Lh, 4Ps, 18Wb $22.00

2/54 Scots Irish (a & b)
3Lch, 4Wb, 4Ps, 27Ax $23.75

2/56(x2) Early Imperial Roman
6Cv, 2Lh, 4Bw, 2Ps, 16Bd, 16Ax, 1Art $21.75

2/64(a) Middle Imperial Roman, West (Old Glory)*
3Cv, 3Cv/Kn, 2Lh, 3Bd, 2Ps, 12Bd, 12Ax, 1Art $20.75
2/64(a&b) Middle Imperial Roman (x2)
3Cv, 3/4Kn, 2Lh, 15Bd, 12Ax, 2Ps, 1Art $19.50

2/67 (b) Early Ostrogothic
18Kn, 12Ps $12.75

2/72 Early Frankish (Corvus Belli)
3Cv, 44Wb, 2Ps $18.75

2/74(x2) Palmyran (a&b)
16Kn, 4Lh, 22Bw, 4Ps, 3Cv, 4Bd, 4Ax $26.25

2/78 (a&b) Late Imperial Roman*(all the same manufacturer)
6Cv, 8Kn, 4Lh, 12Bd, 12Ax, 4Ps $21.80
2/78(a&b) Late Imperial Roman (x2)
6Cv, 8Kn, 4Lh, 12Bd, 12Ax, 4Ps $21.00

2/83 (a&b) Patrician Roman (x3)
3Cv/Kn, 3Cv, 4Lh, 6Kn, 8Bd, 8Ax, 16Wb, 2Ps $21.75

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