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Default Contemporary Pictures Of & Articles About Ottomans

Links to information and illustrations of Ottomans:

Renaissance Turks by George Gush

Illustrations of Ottoman soldiers from the Suleymanname
The Süleymanname is an illustrated book of Sultan Suleiman I's life and achievements. In 65 scenes the miniature paintings are decorated with gold, depicting battles, receptions, hunts and sieges. The original is in the Topkapi Palace Museum.
. Suleiman the Magnificent's Culus Ceremony
. The Siege of Rhodes, 1522
. Rounding up captives at the siege of Rhodes, 1522
. The king of Hungary, Lajos II, in council before the Battle of Mohacs, 1526
. Sultan Suleiman during the Battle of Mohacs, 1526
. Single Combat at the battle of Mohacs, 1526
. The Deli Sinan fighting against the Hungarian Eugene, 1526
. Kalender Çelebi's Rebellion, Karaçayir, 1527
. Execution of Prisoners, Belgrade
. Janissary Recruitment in the Balkans
. The Akinci leader Turhan Bey brings an opponent of high rank down with a lasso
. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent receives Barbarossa, 1533
. Akinci or Deli with lance and sword, fur hat and animal skin, 1540
. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent during the Siege of Estolnibelgrad in Hungary, 1543
. Süleyman hunting with Selim, Aleppo, 1553
. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent during the campaign on Nachivan in the South Caucasus, 1554
. Suleiman the Magnificent receives a Persian Ambassador
. Suleiman the Magnificent giving audience

Battle of Mohacs, 1526 - Turkish miniature, currently on display at the Castle of Szigetvar, Hungary.
Suleiman at Qasr-i Shirin in Mesopotamia.
Attack on Szigetvár, 1566 - Tatars in the foreground as the vanguard.
Suleiman the Magnificent, taken ill during the Szigetvár Campaign, 1566
The Funeral of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, 1566

Illustrations of Ottoman soldiers from the Hünernâme of 1588 by Lokman:
. Bayezid I 'The Thunderbolt' Routs the Crusaders at the Battle of Nicopolis, 1396
. Siege of Belgrade, 1456
. Murad II at target shooting with arrows
. Suleiman the Magnificent hunting with Foreign Envoys
. Siege of Belgrade, 1521
. Forces of Suleyman Besieging a Christian Fortress, 1524
. Cavalry units participating in the Battle of Mohacs, 1526
. Suleiman the Magnificent and the Battle of Mohacs, 1526
. Siege of Vienna by Suleyman I the Magnificent, 1529
. Moldavian Campaign, 1538
. Siege of Szigetvar, 1566

Sultan Selim - riding between Kutahya and Belgrade, en route to join the Imperial Army
Sehname-i Selim Han, by Seyyid Lokman, 1581
. The Ottoman Army Marching On The City Of Tunis in 1569
. Murder of Ma'sum Beg, the envoy of the Safavid Shah Tahmasp, by Beduin in the Hijaz.

Illustrations of Ottoman soldiers from the Nusretname:
. Departure from the palace of the army for the war, Nusretname, 1578
. Lala Mustafa Pasha in camp after his Victory at Kars, Nusretname, 1578
. The Ottoman Army at Tiflis, Nusretname, 1578
. Banquet given by Lala Mustafa Pasha to the Jannissaries in Izmit, Nusretname

Illustrations of Ottoman soldiers from the Shahin-Shah-nama:
. Murad II at target shooting with arrows
. Sultan Murad III's military expeditions to Revan and Tebriz
. Occupation of Erevan
. Sultan Murad III, upon the walls of Istanbul, anticipates the arrival of the Safavids
. Osman Pasa and Ja'far Pasa, Ottoman governor of Shirvan, in battle against the Cossacks

Illustrations of Ottoman soldiers from the Siyer-i Nebi (Life of the Prophet), 1595:
The Prophet Muhammad and the Muslim Army at the Battle of Uhud, portrayed as Ottoman soldiers of 1595
Hamza ibn Abdul Mutallib committed to Islam
Muhammad and His Army March Against the Meccans
Muhammad sending waves of horsemen into combat at the Battle of Badr

Costumes anciens et modernes: habiti antichi e moderni di tutto il mondo by Cesare Vecellio (ca. 1521-1601).
Illustrations of Soldiers from Nicolas de Nicolay's Peregrinations faites en Turquie, 1577
Ottoman Military Illustrations from Hans Weigel's Habitus Praecipuorum Populorum (Trachtenbuch), 1577
Ottoman Soldiers from contemporary European Illustrations by Melchior Lorck, 1579-83
I Turchi. Codex Vindobonensis 8626 of Bartolemeo von Pezzen, 1586 to 1591

Ottoman Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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Wow! What a trove of links. Thank you for sharing this!
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