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Old 02-28-2012, 05:05 PM
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Great great fun that all littoral business!

My pre-tourney "theory" was that the benefits of being attacker outweighed being defender and landing second. The chief advantages as I saw it were to be able to have a good chance to put the WW behind the defender, and to know what the defender's landers were, and to deploy after this choice had been made.
A consequence of this analysis was that it was necessary to have answers to whatever the landers would be, which meant a very varied army.
So, a high Agg, and a lot of variety... Late Carthos perhaps? At the end I really liked (and had figures for) Scandinavian Union, IV-54b, a lovely motley with a bit of everything punchy or useful: Kn, Bd, Bw, Art, Pk, Ps. The two Sp were a bit of deadweight, but better than Hd eh!

The theory worked very well. Except in the last game with Martin. With all that theorising, I hadn't really thought the defending bit properly ... So, when the sea-people invaded social-democratic 15th century Denmark, I dumbly used my standard issue WW and deployed my Bg in the most stupidest place.
The mighty Martin had done a lot more thinking, and handed me a masterclass in dirty-tricks, essentially guaranteeing himself a two elements advantage whenever he would need it. Beautiful really. Adding to that his customary daredevil style (he destroyed my Art with a Ps rush), he thoroughly deserved to beat me. This being said, the armies were quite mismatched, and the Kn were doing a great slaughter of Bd. Still, a Bd killed the german 6Kn at 2-2, and that was that. A lesson rally.

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