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01-25-2010, 10:45 PM
I have a question of the learned ones on this list concerning something that came up tonight during a campaign three of us are playing. Here's the situation. Player 3 besieges one of player 1's cities and spends two seasons attacking unsuccessfully the city in question. Player 2 comes to relieve the siege as an ally of player 1. The question is if player 3 beats player 2 does the city fall to player 3? If player 2 wins does the city fall to player 2? Or since neither player is the owner of the city, is the city still intact and belong to player 1? (see page 15 Ver. 2.2 RESULTS OF BATTLES)


Chris Brantley
01-25-2010, 11:28 PM
I'm not 100% sure...but think it works as follows. Basically, the rules provide that two friendly field armies can't be in the same location unless one is attempting to relieve a seige, in which case the besieged army provides an allied contingent. p.14

Since the defender has thus committed himself to a decisive battle (even if only by sending an allied contingent to the relieving army), if the battle is lost then p15 comes into play "If the player controlling the city fought over is defeated, the city is captured by the other main protagonist without a seige." And if defeated, the defender's army retreats to another city (or is destroyed if it has no place to go).

Personally, though, I'd have no trouble with a rule that said the beseiged garrison could watch the battle as spectators and remained safe behind their walls regardless of the outcome of the battle. That said, the idea of a relief column forcing a decisive battle and/or allowing a breakout is not ahistorical.

02-02-2010, 12:11 PM
When I have to make this call in my campaigns, I do it as such:

If player 2 has been invited by player 1 to help lift the siege against their city by giving battle, and player 2 has accepted and rides out to battle player 3, then (A) if player 2 loses, the city falls to player 3 or (B) if player 2 wins, the city remains owned by player 1.

If player 2 meets player 3 in a city that they both invaded at the same time, then they would do battle to decide who would be allowed to lay siege to it; the doors wouldn't open for them after the battle. But I would give the player a siege roll on the same turn that they did battle, just to give them a reason to fight it out!

That's my two cents!