View Full Version : Raj of Rajas

08-22-2007, 06:01 PM
After thinking about how I want to do my India campaign, here's what I've came up with:

The Map

The map consists of 28 territories.

Starting Domains

Players roll 1d6. Players choose domains in the order of lowest result to greatest result. No starting territory may begin next to another player's territory.

Order of Play

After domains are chosen, players roll 1d6, with the highest result going first. Play then proceeds clockwise.

Victory Conditions

When one player is eliminated, the player with the most rupees is the winner.

Getting Rupees

Each territory a player controls provides a rupee each turn.

What Rupees Can Do

Rupees may be freely traded between players for promises, aid, tribute, territory, good will, and almost anything else during a player's turn.


The first invasion a player makes is free. The second invasion costs 1 Rupee, with each additional invasion costing one rupee more than the previous invasion.


Players may ally with one another and provide allied contingents to another player's invasion or defense.