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01-05-2007, 11:17 AM

Didn't know if this belonged here or in the news section, but I thought some of the Fanatici might be interested. Please feel free to give this the ax if this is beyond acceptable practice.

I have no connection other than having recieved the email from my San Diego Museum connection from my USS Midway interest group,

Evolution of the Ship, Part 1: Northern Europe and Scandinavia

Based on the success of our prior Maritime Museum travels abroad – our voyage to Europe on Queen Mary II (2004) and the Star of India and Medea Heritage Tour to Scotland and the Isle of Man (2005), we have worked with STS International Tours to create the most exceptional maritime history tour we believe that has ever been offered.

In keeping with a theme of tracing the lineage of the historic ships of our own museum and those preserved elsewhere in other maritime museums, we have designed an archaeologist’s expeditionary tour to trace the origins and development of the ship itself. Assuming that the Star of India and ships like her represent the final development of the oceanic sailing ship, perhaps the most formative single technological development of the last 1000 years, this tour establishes as its object a quest to determine how the Northern European lineage of the ship developed and in keeping with that, the history of the modern world written in the very planks, frames, rigging, and implements that have been discovered, excavated, and now exhibited in some of the world’s most fascinating and beautiful cities.

From the ancient Hjortspring Boat exhibited in Copenhagen to the Brunel masterpiece Great Britain preserved in her construction dry-dock in Bristol, we will travel through the early dark ages, the Viking era, the days of the great oceanic empires, and the maritime industrial revolution. We will walk the decks of ships-of-the-line, actually sail in a Hansa Cog, and view the implements and personal artifacts of Viking kings, Tudor seamen, and polar explorers. As a member of this expedition you will have the opportunity to “collect” in impressions and photography no fewer than sixteen ships in six countries spanning more than 2000 years of maritime history. As a group these ships represent some of the most spectacular archaeological finds of history, preserved in some of the world’s greatest museums in the most intriguing cities of Europe. This adventure will be enriched with lectures and commentary by the historians and curators who care for and interpret these treasures as well as ongoing travel commentary by our own experienced STS Program Director.

By traveling as a museum delegation during this expedition, we achieve a remarkable savings on price, enjoy the hospitality of the curators and historians who will be our guides, share in the camaraderie of the search and the excitement of new discoveries, and benefit from the expertise of an organization that specializes in unique museum tours. The maritime world has been preparing this itinerary for 2000 years. Won’t you come with us?

We look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you and your friends on this great customized adventure The Evolution of the Ship, Part 1: Northern Europe and Scandinavia.


Raymond E. Ashley, PhD.
Executive Director
Maritime Museum of San Diego

P.S. Space is limited and reserving is easy, so call today: 1-800-620-9995 or visit: http://members.cox.net/mannyljr/sts/shipevo2007/

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oh boyo boy!