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03-06-2005, 10:03 AM
Macbeth wrote:
Collision Course is a Tournament held as part of the Canberra Kriegspielers meeting Sunday 22nd May 2005

Instead of normal deployment:
* Armies are divided into three numbered 4 element columns. The first of these is deployed with its tail touching the base edge within a 600 pace region centred on the midpoint of the base edge. (The shore of a waterway counts as a base edge).
* The defender may swap up to two elements between on and off table columns or otherwise change the composition of the columns under normal element swapping rules.
* After the first bound, the second and subsequent columns may be bought onto the board for the cost of 4PIPs. These columns start with their lead element front on the base edge and move on at the speed of their slowest element. A tail off the board at the end of the move is permitted, but then must move on as quickly as possible. On the roll of 6PIPs the next column MUST begin its move onto the board
* Instead of a camp an additional element accompanies the army – it will have a base depth of 40mm. This is the baggage element, and it moves as WWg, fights as camp followers with the defending bonus. Baggage arrives either as the tail of the second column or the head of the third column.
I would like to read in what sequence (marching order) others in this Forum would place their armies for Dry and Steppe topography. Take your favourite army, list the order of placement; column one, two and three with noted baggage placement and location of the general.

Make a second marching order to deal with Hilly and Forest. What variations would you make when confronting Arable terrain?


03-09-2005, 11:40 AM
Just finished basing my Bagratid Armenians (2x3Kn, 2x3Cv, 2x2LH, 2x4Sp, 2x5Wb, and 2x2Ps) and lined them up in the “ideal” battle formation. I gave more thought to my original posting “Collision Course and marching columns” and organized my elements into three columns. Most traditional deployment from marching columns would have the columns wheel to the right and deploy into first or second line troops.

Another option may have troops fan out right and left and the remainder would be positioned as second line or reserve troops. This last option would require more time to complete. Next, is the question where to position my General in the marching column and of course the baggage element?

The more I played with the elements; the three columns should be organized to move at the speed of the slowest element. So, which ever column had the baggage element was forced to move 200 paces until which time the baggage element could be moved away from the line of march of the oncoming troops. Thinking about the terrain categories and the sake of simplicity, I thought would it not be easier to organize your columns one, two and three and move them in a different sequence to handle different terrain? Hilly, Forest, etc using columns two, one and three and perhaps columns one, two and three to deploy in sequence in Steppe, Dry, etc.

I came up with the following;

Column one ; 2Lh, 3Cv, 2x2Ps
Column two ; Gen 3Kn, 2x4Sp, 5Wb, Baggage
Column three ; 2Lh, 3Cv, 3Kn, 5Wb.

Regarding the first example of Hilly and Forest terrain, I would exchange the General for a Ps and place the Baggage with the nr. one column.