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Chris Brantley
05-29-2004, 02:01 PM
Has anyone experimented with a campaign where you use both DBA and BBDBA rules for battles?

I'm thinking of a campaign format where an overlord may want to enlist his tributory's entire army in a Big Battle, instead of just calling on an allied contingent of 3 elements in the regular DBA format.

If yes, what special rules do you use?

Darren Buxbaum
07-03-2004, 11:33 PM
A couple of guys and myself just tried playtesting a similar idea for mixed BBDBA/DBA campaign. In a 6+ player campaign we did a big battle. A game had 3 vs. 2 armies battle (C-in-C; Later Hungarian a list, 2 allies; Wallachian and Serbian vs. C-in-C; Ottoman b list and Later Bulgarian ally). Since these are from my Wimpy Wars lists, the Serbs have all of the Ps and Lh options and the Ottomans replace the Art with a Bw. The Later Bulgarians chose the Sp and Ps options. The rules are as follows:

All armies must occupy the city to be battled for.
Board size one 2'x 2' boards per army with the larger number prevailing (in this case three board widths).
Terrain amount with 2 boards is the same as regular BBDBA. Three boards add +1 for min and max for optional features. The terrain selection for the battlefield is that named for the city as in the regular campaign rules.
Deployment for each army is within each board. The lesser needs to chose which 1 or two boards he will deploy from (2 boards in a 3 vs 2 or 1 in a 2 vs 1 battles). Still using the 3" non deployment zone on the far edges (not including the center board).
The C-in-C deploys his entire army. His allies only deploy half of their elements. The remainder of the allies armies arrive on a "6" (using a d6) in that side's bound. We may change this to a -1 for each bound until the number reaches "2" (a "1" never arrives). They arrive on the base edge of their board as a line, but can't move until the next turn.
Battle conditions are the same as BBDBA. Flees do not count toward lost elements in campaign, but do for victory conditions on the field. If the defending C-in-C loses the battle, the territory is handed over to the victors.

We had fun with this. The "Triad of Evil" :D (aka Hungarians/Wallachians/Serbians) rolled as defender and placed very little terrain (good for Lh). They deployed with the Hungarians in the center, Wallachians to their right and Serbians to the left. This made it crucial as which elements to chose as the late arrivals (Serbs left 3Kn, 2Lh & Ps; Wallachians left 5Ps & Wb). The glorious Sultan of the Ottomans chose to face the Serbians and place the Bulgarians to face the Hungarians and the Wallachians to their extreme right flank. The Bulgarians waited for 6Lh. My plan was to stall the Hungarian lead attack with 7Lh using the Bulgarians 4Kn and infantry. Three Ottoman Cv supported their right flank to help pin the Lh. The Ottoman Lh surged forward to pin the Serb general and Sp. The 2Ps raced for a steep hill. The Sultan sat behind the safety of his Janissaries (2Bw)on a hill :cool: . If the Bulgarian Lh show up, they are fast enough to be any use. A few turns later the Wallachian Lh come screaming around the rear of the line of Bulgarian knights an threatening it's camp :mad: . Then the Bulgarian Lh arrive. This is a testy situation. The Bulgarians ZOC the Wallachian Lh (which keep them from moving on the camp or sandwiching the knights with the oncoming Hungarians), but a combat can push them off the board. With the safety of numbers, only 1 Bulgarian Lh was removed at the expense of 1 Wallachian loss. On the Serbian side, the Ottoman Lh kill the Sp and eventually kill the Serb general. The Serbian side is demoralised and takes huge losses. Eventually the rest of the Serbs show up, but only to take more losses. The Hugarian Lh become sandwiched and begin to die. The Ottoman/Bulgarian side wins by destroying 12 elements to only losing 3 of their own.

The refusing the C-in-C center was huge. Being able to face a 6 element army with a 12 element army was key. The Bulgar Lh really saved the day. The rolling to see if the other half of the army shows adds some randomness to the game. It may or not be historical, but it adds balance to an outnumbered opponent (even though they can still be outnumbered). In a campaign sense, one army can recieve huge losses while the others can limp away with minimal damage. On the other hand a demoarlised army may want the remainder of his troops to flee to save himself in another battle. In a 6 player game, if 5 armies are fighting one battle, the sixth is left unchecked to siege cities. With more players involved in one battle, it can speed up campaign seasons since the slower players will have to catch up to the faster ones in a battle. I know that these are not ground-breaking ideas, but I wanted to share with you something we tried and had fun with.

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