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12-10-2003, 05:18 PM
I've submitted to Chris a .bmp file that can be used for creating campaign maps. In order to get it to your hard drive you will need to right click on the link, then select save. follow the options from there.

It is an interesting way to create campaigns, if you do it the way I do. This model uses 6 squares in a grid. Double or quadruple the map for larger campaigns. Each square is a board (2x2 or 32" for 15mm, 4x4 or 36" for 25mm). Any campaign organizer can organize the board to suit the campaign. Below is a beginner generic campaign concept guide:

Start by placing one BUA (ariable castle) in each corner and various terrains in the other 4 grids.

The key here is obviously, since you have only 1 army, is to move and protect your original grid at the same time. It is extremely difficult.

One option that could be used, and I use often, is to create replacements at a rate of 1 element per grid controlled per turn. A turn is once everyone has either moved into a grid, passed, or fought a battle.

Loosing army routs back 1 grid square.

All movement is 1 grid square per turn, or 1 battle per turn, not both. If a grid is occupied, then any army moving into that grid square is automatically the aggressor and occupyer the defender.

One option I've yet to explore is the concept of homegrown militia if home grid is invaded while the army is away. This would be 12 elements consisting of 1 of each type, then the rest of the elements as Hd. just an idea.

Another is to start with a BB army, where up to 1/3 can be left in any given square as a home defence or force of occupation.

In any even, enjoy