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08-22-2004, 11:48 AM
For those people who are members of the MAGWEB, sometimes it is not clear from the issue list page what is in certain issues until you go to the contents page.

Getting you to check out the page is not a financial boon but I do average getting a whole 1 cent each time it is checked out!

WINTER 2004 = Overlooked DBA Armies form the DBM allied lists. These are armies listed as allies in the DBM books but are not given their own list in DBM or DBA.

FALL 2003 = The 'Supreme Warlord' DBA campaign system whic is a revision of our 1988 WRG5th edition campaign system which got good magazine reveiws bacj then.

SUMMER 2003 = A fast play DBA convention tournament and teaching new players system .

Chris Brantley
08-22-2004, 02:08 PM
Here are some direct links for MagWeb subscribers who'd like to check out these and a couple of more recent DBA-related titles in Time Portal Passages:

Variant DBA Armies Based On DBM Army List Analysis (http://www.magweb.com/premium/tpp/200402/tp0402a1.htm)
Overlooked Minor Nations for DBA/DBM Armies (http://www.magweb.com/premium/tpp/200401/tp0401d1.htm)
Supreme Warlord DBA Campaign System (http://www.magweb.com/premium/tpp/200304/tp0304sw.htm)
Defense of the Realm -- Guidelines for Conducting DBA Campaigns or Teaching Games at Conventions (http://www.magweb.com/premium/tpp/200303/tp0303de.htm)

There are a number of earlier DBA-related items in previous lissues of TPP, so also check the full list of TPP issues (http://www.magweb.com/premium/tpp/tppiss.htm).

For anyone unfamiliar with MagWeb (http://www.magweb.com), it is an on-line archive of military history and related gaming magazines, including MWAN, the Courier, TPP and 112 other titles. Subscription options range from a one week $10 trial access to $6.25 a month for an annual subscription.

Authors/publishers like Rudy who archive at MagWeb get a small royalty each time someone clicks on one of their stories, so be sure to check them out.

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08-22-2004, 05:46 PM
Chris has been kind enough to publish some of the DBA variant list articles here on his website as well. Thanks Chris.