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04-14-2012, 10:43 PM
Once again the Canberra Kriegspielers Group is running an ongoing DBA Campaign - still using v2.2 but with its usual house rules and including a new one that allows Hd to give rear support. This has led to some more respect given to the 7Hd boys and a number of armies have one (or two in the case of the Khitans).

The campaign is set in late 10th Century Asia - the height of the Sung Empire

The participants thus far are

Sung Empire - III/61 Sung Chinese (Yours Truly)
Xi Xia - III/66 Hsi Hsia (Andrew Ford of Fanatcus Fame)
Liao Empire - III/55 Khitan Liao
Nan Chao - III/36 Nan Chao
Kan Chou Khanate - III/8 Central Asian City States
Korea - III/56 Koroyo Korean
Tibet - III/15 Tibetan (joined at the end of the first campaign year)
Nihon - III/54 Early Samurai (joined in the second session)

Maps will be added as soon as I can get the File Transfer Account added to my new computer so that I can update my website :(


04-14-2012, 10:58 PM
990 Spring - Korea opens hostilities with an attack on the Liao Empire. Battle of Pa-chou sees the Liao defeated when their general is cut down.

990 Summer - Sung Empire invades Nan Chao. Battle of Longyu sees Nan Chao soundly defeated.

990 Autumn - Korea continues its assault on Liao with an attack on the capital, Linhuang. The Liao do not give battle, the city is besieged but holds out.

990 Autumn - Sung drive furhter into Nan Chao territory with an attack on the capital Dali. The city is blockaded but refuses to surrender.

990 Autumn - Liao lauch a counteroffensive and attack Korea through Sung territory. Tongyu is beseiged but this doesn't draw the Koreans from Linhuang. The city holds out.

990 Autumn - Kan Chou invades Nan Chao. Despite losing 1/3 of their army when marching to intercept the Nan Chao army soundly defeat the invaders at the battle of Chongqing.

At the End of 990 the Prestige Table stands at
Sung Empire 9.7
Korea 8.1
XiXia 4.0
Nan Chao 3.7
Kan Chou Khanate 1.0
Liao Empire 1.0

991 Spring Liao Empire switches its attention west to Kan Chou. Thier invasion is aided by the XiXia. Battle of Karashar sees the Kan Chou force suffer significant casualties but not before killing the XiXia commander.

After the battle of Karashar the prestige table stands at

Sung Empire 9.7
Korea 8.1
Liao Empire 5.2
XiXia 4.0
Nan Chao 3.7
Kan Chou Khanate 3.4
Tibet 0

04-14-2012, 11:32 PM
Another session which saw the addition of Nihon to the array of countries

Naturally they could not intervene except to aid defenders until the new year.

991 Spring - Korean offensive into Liao Empire continues with Linhuang beseiged again. The city holds out.

991 Spring - Tibet attacks Nan Chao. Chongqing is beseiged with the Nan Chao army trapped inside its walls but holds off the attackers.

991 Summer - Liao empire disregard their own troubles and drive into Kan Chou territory. Battle of Kucha sees the Liao driven off with heavy casualties.

991 Summer - Korean seige of Linhuang continues. The city falls and the Liao become vassals of the Koreans.

991 Summer - Sung Empire invades Korea. The Koreans give battle supported by the Liao, XiXia and Nihonese. However the Nihonese failed to arrive and the XiXia arrived too late to assist. Battle of Kuju centres around a fort which falls several times before the Korean main line is cut down by Sung artillery fire. The allied forces withdraw leaving Kuju to the Chinese.

991 Summer - Nan Chao sallies forth from Chongqing with Nihonese assistance. Battle of Chongqing sees the Tibetans soundly defeated by the small but deadly Nan Chao army and the brave Samurai who drew much of the Tibetan force off.

991 Summer - Kan Chou tries to re take Karashar. The city refuses to surrender.

991 Autumn - Nan Chao pursues the Tibetans to Qamdo where they besiege the city with the battered Tibetan army fighting from behind the walls. An ill timed assault costs the invaders heavily.

991 Autumn - Tibetans sally from Qamdo, the Nan Chao army falls back almost immediately.

991 Autumn - Kan Chou seige of Karashar continues but fails to make headway.

At the end of 991 the prestige table stands at
Sung Empire 22.9
Korea 9.1
XiXia 8.0
Kan Chou Khanate 7.3
Nihon 5.9
Nan Chao 5.6
Liao Empire 5.2
Tibet 0

992 Spring Tibet launches an ambitious attack on Kan Chou. Battle of Khotan is a bloody affair with both sides suffering serious casualties but ultimately sees the Kan Chou Khanate victorious.

992 Spring Nan Chao invades Tibet and besieges Qamdo. The city falls.

992 Summer - Nihon invades Korean territory. Pa-chou is besieged but holds out.

992 Summer - Sung intervene in Nan Chao with an attack on Chongqing. The city falls.

992 Summer - Nan Chao continues its offensive into Tibet besieging the capital Lhasa. The remnants of the Tibetan army march in to bolster the city's defences and are massacred when the city falls.

992 Autumn - Kan Chou Khanate advance on the Tibetan city of Tashi Gompa and take it before Nan Chao can claim it.

992 Autumn - XiXia attack and beseige Kan Chou held Tashi Gompa. The city remains loyal to its new masters.

992 Autumn - Korea tries to recover Kuju but the city holds out.

992 Autumn - Nihonese siege of Pa-chou continues with the city eventually being starved into submission.

At the end of 992 the prestige table stands at
Sung Empire 30.9
XiXia 13.0
Kan Chou Khanate 11.7
Korea 11.1
Nihon 9.9
Nan Chao 6.6
Liao Empire 5.2
Tibet 0


04-25-2012, 12:30 AM
Another days play for the campaign - we managed to fit in another game year, helped perhaps by having some missing players who were run as programmed leaders.

993 Spring - The Sung (always a supporter of a Free Tibet) invade Xi Xia territory with the support of Nan Chao (their vassal) and Tibet. The Xi Xia were supported by Kan Chou. Battle of Chi Sang sees the Xi Xia defeated thus cutting them off from Tibet.

993 Summer - Liao Empire attacks Sung. Hangzhou is beseiged and surrenders to the Liao.

993 Summer - Korea recaptures Kuju from the Sung in a lightning assault.

993 Summer - Tibet attacks Xi Xia held Tashi Gompa and lays seige.

993 Summer - Kan Chou attacks Liao held Karashar and besieges it but fails to breach the defences.

993 Autumn - Sung move to recapture Hangzhou. Battle of Hangzhou sees the Sung/Nan Chao force defeat a coalition of Liao, Korea, Nihon and Xi Xia. Liao suffer no losses but are driven away as thier allies take serious losses.

993 Autumn - Tibetan siege of Tashi Gompa continues but the city holds out

993 Autumn - Kan Chou seige of Karashar continues but fails to make headway.

At the end of 993 the prestige table stands at
Sung Empire 50.0
Korea 17.7
XiXia 14.0
Nihon 11.9
Kan Chou Khanate 11.7
Liao Empire 9.8
Nan Chao 7.7
Tibet 0.0


06-24-2012, 09:27 AM
We are back after the break for Universal Soldier

Spring 994 - Tibet revolts and breaks its vassal relationship with Nan Chao. The Kingdom of Nan Chao is in turmoil and does not react.

Spring 994 - The Kan Chou Khanate attacks Nan Chao territory with support form Tibet and the Xi Xia. Nan Chao fights back with support from the Sung. Battle of Qamdo sees Nan Chao soundly defeated with Nan Chao and the Sung suffering losses.

Spring 994 - Khitan attack Nihonese held Pa Chou with support form the Koreans. Battle of Pa Chou ends in a Nihonese defeat with significant losses to the defenders.

Spring 994 - Nihon turns its attention to Korea and despite being outnumbered defeat the Koreans in the battle of Tongyong.

Summer 994 - Nan Chao attacks Kan Chou held Qamdo. Battle of Qamdo is a massacre with Nan Chao losing more than half its army.

Summer 994 - Kan Chou pursues the remants of Nan Chao to the outskirts of Chongquing. The Nan Chao army is all but wiped out but succeeds in taking the Kan Chou camp.

Summer 994 - Xi Xia attack the Sung and beseige Chi Sang. The city holds out.

Summer 994 - Khitans continue their offensive into Nihon besieging Echigo. The city surrenders after token resistance.

Summer 994 - Nihon attacks the Korean capital Taegyong and lays siege. The city holds out.

At the end of summer 994 the prestige table stands at:
Sung Empire 50.0
Kan Chou Khanate 18.8
Nan Chao 18.2
Korea 17.7
Nihon 17.5
XiXia 14.0
Liao Empire 13.8
Tibet 0.0

Stay tuned for further adventures


07-24-2012, 08:22 PM
Most players were a no show for this session so we simply wrapped up the outstanding items

994 Autumn - Kan Chou invades Chinese held Chongqing to gain access to the Nan Chao capital. The city is beseiged but holds out.

994 Autumn - Xi Xia seige of Chi-sang continues but fails to breach the city's defences.

994 Autumn - Korea attempts to cut off the Nihonese supply line and attacks Tongyong. The city refuses to surrender.

994 Autumn - Nihonese forces breach the walls of Kaegyong taking the Korean capital and thus making Korea a vassal of the Nihonese empire.

At the end of 994 the prestige table stands at:
Sung Empire 57.0
Kan Chou Khanate 21.8
Liao Empire 19.8
Nan Chao 18.5
Nihon 18.5
Korea 17.5
XiXia 16.0
Tibet 0.0


08-28-2012, 08:24 AM
A better turn out this time around - we managed to get through another year.

995 Spring - Tibetans foment a revolt in Nan Chao which renounces its vassal status. The Sung ignore the revolt and allow the Nan Chao to exercise their independance.

995 Spring - Nan Chao moves through Longyu to attack Qamdo. The Kan Chou Khanate does not respond so a seige ensues.

995 Spring - Tibet, unable to attack Qamdo turns its attention to Kan Chou home territory and besieges Khotan. The city holds out.

995 Spring - Xi Xia attempt to recapture Chi Sang from the Sung Empire. The city is beseiged but holds out.

995 Spring - Khitan offensive into Nihon continues. Battle of Hein Kyo sees the Samurai soundly defeated with heavy losses. The Korean vassals arrive but do not participate in the battle. Their defeat makes them a vassal of the Khitans and allows the Koreans to become independant once more.

995 Summer - Korea attacks China with Khitan support. Battle of Hangzhou is a narrow victory to the Sung Empire after the Koreans are mowed down by Sung crossbow fire. The Khitans manage to capture a Sung fort so gain some prestige from the battle.

995 Summer - the Nan Chao seige of Qamdo continues but fails to make headway.

995 Summer - Tibetan seige of Khotan continues but cannot buckle the defences of the city.

995 Summer - Kan Chou moves on Khitan held Karashar. The city surrenders.

995 Summer - Xi Xia seige of Chi Sang continues without making headway.

995 Autumn - Sung Empire invades Khitan territory in response to the attack on Hangzhou. Battle of Tien-te sees the Sung narrowly defeat the Khitans and Koreans and capturing Tien-te.

995 Autumn - Nan Chao seige of Qamdo continues - the attackers effectively wipe themselves out against the city walls.

995 Autumn - Tibetans finally breach the walls of Khotan and capture the city.

995 Autumn - Xi Xia continue to besiege Chi-sang but the city refuses to surrender.

At the end of 995 the prestige table stands at:
Sung Empire 67.8
Liao Empire 27.0
Kan Chou Khanate 26.8
Nan Chao 18.5
Nihon 18.5
Korea 17.5
XiXia 17.0
Tibet 0.0


09-25-2012, 10:37 AM
As the campaign draws to a close we had a good turnout - missing only two rulers

996 Spring - Korea attacks Japanese held Kuju and lays siege. The city holds out.

996 Spring - Nan Chao attempts to regain Chongqing from the Sung. The city is besieged but resists.

996 Spring - Tibet attacks Kan Chou held Qamdo. Battle of Qamdo sees the outnumbered Tibetans defeated by the overwhelming power of the Kan Chou Khanate.

996 Spring - Kan Chou attacks Khotan and captures the city in short order.

996 Spring - Xi Xia invade Chinese territory. Battle of Tien-Te sees the Chinese soundly defeat the Xi Xia and thier Khitan allies.

996 Summer - Korean siege of Kuju continues. The city surrenders.

996 Summer - Nan Chao's seige of Chonqing concludes with the city opening its gates to the invaders.

996 Summer - Tibet attacks Tashi Gompa while the Xi Xia are blocked from coming to its defence by the Sung. The city resists and a seige ensues.

996 Summer - Kan Chou seige of Khotan continues. The city falls.

996 Summer - Xi Xia continue their war with China. Battle of Chengu is a narrow victory for the Sung after the Xi Xia knights get in amongst the Chinese crossbowmen and cut down several elements.

996 Summer - Liao Empire attacks Chinese territory. They besiege Tien te but fail to take the city.

996 Autumn - Nan Chao attacks Kan Chou held Qamdo. The small Nan Chao army is wiped out assaulting the walls of Qamdo.

996 Autumn - Kan Chou assaults Chinese held Chi Sang but fails to breach the defendces.

996 Autumn - Xi Xia launches a third attack on China. The Sung army falls back as it cannot stomach killing more Xi Xia. Chengu promptly surrenders to the invaders.

996 Autumn - Liao seige of Tien Te continues but the city holds out.

At the end of 995 the prestige table stands at:
Sung Empire 77.6
Liao Empire 30.0
Kan Chou Khanate 31.4
Nan Chao 18.5
Nihon 19.5
Korea 17.5
XiXia 17.0
Tibet 0.0

997 Spring - Kan Chou launches an offensive into Tibet. They take Lhasa and wipe out the Tibetan army.

997 Spring - Xi Xia attack Chi Sang and lay seige. The city successfuly reists.

997 Spring - China attacks Xi Xia held Chengdu. Battle of Chengdu sees the Sung soundly defeat the Xi Xia and their Nan Chao allies to retake Chengdu.

11-10-2012, 10:27 AM
The final session of our DBA Campaign was played out - at long last the other powers converged on China

997 Spirng - Liao attack Sung Empire. Battle of Tien Te sees the Sung soundly defeated by the Lioa and their Korean allies with Tien Te recovered by the Liao

997 Spring - Nihon invades Korea and lays seige to Tongyong. The city holds out

997 Summer - Kan Chou Khanate attacks Sung territory with support from the Xi Xia. Battle of Chi Sang is another Sung victory after they massacre the Xi Xia contingent.

997 Summer - Liao continue their offensive into China - laying seige to Hangzhou. The city successfully resists.

997 Summer - Korea opens up a new front against China and beseiges Chengdu. The city falls

997 Summer - Nihon seige of Tongyong continues but the city continues to hold out.

997 Summer - Sung attack Kan Chou territory besieging Qamdo. They fail to breach the defences.

997 Autumn - Kan Chou attacks Sung held Chi Sang again but fail to take the city.

997 Autumn - Liao siege of Hangzhou concludes as the city surrenders

997 Autumn - Korea advances on Kaifeng, the Sung capital which falls after a token resistance. The Sung Empire becomes a Korean vassal.

997 - Autumn - Xi Xia move to attack the Kan Chou army besieging Chi Sang but it falls back. They try to storm Chi Sang instead but are beaten back.

997 Autumn - Tongyong continues to resist the Nihonese seige

At the end of 997 the prestige table stands at
Sung Empire - 89.5
Kan Chou Khanate - 37.4
Liao Empire - 36.1
Korea - 21.5
Nihon - 19.5
Nan Chao - 18.5
Xi Xia - 17.0
Tibet - 0.0

Once the end of game prestige is added in

Sung Empire - 101.5
Liao Empire - 55.1
Kan Chou Khanate - 54.4
Korea - 41.5
Xi Xia - 26.0
Nihon - 25.5
Nan Chao - 24.5
Tibet - 3.0