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12-15-2011, 12:46 PM
I have only been a casual 2.2 player and have gotten the 3.0 stuff printed up and promptly read. I am looking at them from the standpoint of the rules themselves not how they are different. I have soloed a few games with these and the HX extensions geared specifically for American Civil War (ACW) and have a few thoughts.

Here are my thoughts in no particular order:

1) From the standpoint of a "new" gamer; as a intro rules set or a "lunch-hour wargame" I think they still do what is intended. The wording may be funky in a few places, but any time you pick up a new rule set you have to learn the "language." My sister picked up my warhammer 40k rule book one time to just "browse" and the look of frustration as she tried to read it was comical.

2) I like the larger table sizes. If you work out the numbers for 25mm. A 48 inch square table is about 1.13 miles on a side in "real life." This is compared 1.08 with 2.2's 30 inch table. Since everything moves 50% faster now. The table size is negated there. However since the dimensions for terrain haven't changed it makes for a more "dense" table top. For an ACW this works well since in the areas they were fighting there often were multiple farmsteads. You can now have multiple BUA's on the table for a "realistic" scenario and not loose the feel of the terrain.

Those are the initial thoughts. I'm gonna make up some counters and start doing some historical pairings to get a feel for the core of the rules. I will update from there.

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12-15-2011, 07:06 PM
Thanks for posting an "almost" newbie perspective.

I have said a before, if these rules were released out of the blue, with no prior versions, people would like them. That has been my experience with those I have taught the rules to, anyway.

They would certainly be better than all the other ancient rules around, DBMM, FOG, Hail Caesar, Might of Empire, WAB etc.

12-16-2011, 02:04 PM

The 3.0 rules may (or may not) be fine, but for the time being they are unofficial and unpublished. They are pretty likely to change and possible in difficult to predict ways.

My strong suggestion to you is to learn, play, and build your armies in 2.2 until the drama with 3.0 settles down. That path probably leads to the least heartburn and upset.

Whatever you choose, welcome to our world...