View Full Version : Base Width and Depth Question

10-28-2011, 12:25 PM
And now for something truly controversial… (or not).

So I have all these 28 mm figures and I want to play HOTT and DBA with them…

However they do not fit real well on base depths designed for old Ral Partha Figures. I can just use fewer figures to make human foot fit, but then the depth becomes and issue for the horse.

For example I have them based on lovely magnetic standard Warhammer bases 20mmX20mm per human foot and 25mmX50mm for horse.

With DBA 3.0 the movement is going to 100 paces = 1 BW… So everything is scaled to that. If I use 80mm as a standard base width then 100 paces automatically equals 80mm…

So now we have the base depth issue. Recoil is base depth or half a base width, whichever is smaller. So if we scale the base depths accordingly, but keep them rounded to the nearest whole millimeter, the recoil or depth also scales…

So a new 28-30mm figure base size width becomes 80mm

Depths would increase proportionately
80 -> 100
60 -> 80
40 -> 55
30 -> 40
20 -> 25
120 -> 160

Just curious... Has this been discussed before? Adding a column for "heroic" or what would now be standard sized figures to the base depth chart?