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05-29-2011, 02:44 AM
III 52 West Frank or Norman 888AD-1072AD.

I apologize for posting this elsewhere earlier this week...mobile uploads are tricky at the best of times! :)

I am pleased with the list expansion adding Ax to represent foot for Normans in Sicily,but feel that this change (although welcome) does not go far enough.

Should the composition of the West Frankish and Norman armies be simular in this period? Would the invasion army of 1066 be different from other Norman armies promting a sub-list? Plus the addition of the Ax does not take into account any Bw or Ps in Southern armies.

With this in mind could the list look like this for example:

a) West Frank.
b) Norman.
c) Norman invasion 1066
d) Normans in Italy.

Any views welcome.

06-09-2011, 03:48 PM
Maybe I should elaborate....

The proposed new list consists of 1xKn (Gen),6xKn,1xKn or Lh,(2xSp+2xPs or Bw) or 4xKn or 4xAux (Greek).

My view is that the list is too general and could be expanded.My original suggestion included separate lists for Normans & West Franks,but I can't find any sources that show any real difference between them except in origins of different troops. However, the numbers of foot troops used by the Normans in 1066 was recognised to be greater than usual.So a sub-list could be in order.My last point about the addition of the 4xAux is good,but they can only be used as either or the Ps/Bw+Sp.Shouldnt there be an option to use Ps or Bw with Aux?