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02-27-2011, 09:08 PM
Hi all!

We really liked the Punic Peril campaign design, so we also started one in Barcelona and the basque country :)

All circles alaos lead to Lilybaeum, the hub of the map.

The factions are the usual suspects in such campaigns: Rome, Gaul, Iberia, Numidia, Carthago, Syracouse.

In the first movements, Eien of Siracuse has made a landing at Thapsus. Inad Barca has intercepted him and it seems they are manoeuvering searching each other for the battle. The other players look with interest, like carrion crows.

Will keep you posted :)


02-28-2011, 06:29 PM
Siracuse beaten Back!!!

The forces of Carthago have ambushed the despot of Syracuse in the middle of a forest while the Greeks were en route to Thapsus. The Greeks have beaten a hasty retreat after the Carthaginian elephants have trampled over the psilois that were trying to stop them.

Result: a conservative 0 - 1 with the syracusan Ps dead.

The Syracusans return to Acragas.

Carthago invades Numidia!!
On the other hand, the victorious Carthaginians have decided to teach a lesson to their supposed "ally", the Numidians. Prichanissa, the Numidian king, has been acting weird, and amassing forces in the Carthaginian frontier. Instead of sending them to aid Carthago when her African neighbour has been threatened, the Numidian light cavalry has staged a raid against a carthaginian outpost. Enraged, the Carthaginian army marches to teach those upstarts a lesson and has invaded Quiza.

Prichanissa is sending envoys madly to summon help from his allies. We will see if they support him in front of such apowerful opponent.


03-01-2011, 03:58 AM
Do keep us posted and an excellent map, by the way. Where did you find the original and does the original show more of the Mediterranean Sea? This would certainly be useful for a renaissance game.

03-01-2011, 07:20 AM
Map found doing some google research for "Western mediterranean", IIRC. I did multiple searches for maps, so I am not sure what I did search for, exactly.

I am affraid that I cannot answer your size question. There is an imkage of a smaller map in the left bottom corner that seems to imply that the map is larger, but I have not searched for it. The original map I am using can be found in my photobucket. No idea where the original was located:

Map edited using the wonderful and high tech program called PAINT :D


03-03-2011, 02:11 AM
Thanks for the links. The map, in grey tone, set the contrasting colours of the various provinces rather neatly.

03-11-2011, 05:09 AM
Cartago defeated, Numidia hot on their heels!!!

On wednesday the numidians faced the might of Baal on a plain north of Quiza. Both forces arrayed their troops for a confrontation between bad going patches. The delay in the battle was due to the Numidians having waited for their Iberian reinforcements before giving battle. The superior numbers and their knowledge of the local geography rapidly decided the engagement in favour of the Numidians. Seeing what was coming, Longbowman88 Barca, decided to make a planned retreat towards the fleet and retire to Caralis. A troop of gauls was defeated while covering the retreat, but the sacrifice was worth it. Numidia 1 - Cartago 0

However, the Numidians were keen to press their advantage, and boarding a rag-tag fleet of fishing craft and commerce vessdels landed a few miles north of the Carthaginian camp near Caralis and made clear their intention to get payback for the invasion!!!

We will see who will be favoured by the Gods.


04-13-2011, 06:19 AM
Massive update this time :) We are finishing the second turn. So far from the poiint where I left it....

Numidia was defeated by Cartago 1-4 when they tried to invade Caralis (ouch!). They retreated with their horsey tails between their legs. They mnanaged to destroy the carthaginian ellie with a psiloi rush, though, a big blow to Carthaginian prestige.

After that, the barbarians of the north descended on the plains of Arretium (Rome) for one of the hardest fought battles of turn 1!! When the sun set the result was 4G-4 in favour of the Gauls, and the consul decided to retreat. With the l9oss of 2 further elements to the romans due to desertion and inner strife, that meant that the gauls had 8 troops and the romans 6 by the end of the season!!!


Turn 2 saw the wicked iberians take advantage of their (now) superior numbers and attack Lilybaeum, the central location of the map. Carthago defended, and started scoring a 1-3. however, the iberians did not gave up and killed the carthaginian general!!! Carthago retailiated and killed more iberians as well. The battle ended with a spectacular 3G - 5. Puting both armies on the back foot. Carthago now has 5 troops remaining (2Sp, 1Cv, 1 LH, 1Wb) and the Iberians 7. A Phyrric victory by all accounts.

Following on their success on turn 1 (and their brash impetuosity) the Gauls continued their dri9ve southwards and besieged Rome!! The roman army retreated inside the city to protect their capital. The fgauls tried to storm the walls, but only managed to lose a Warband element in the process. Rome remains besieged.

And now we see the evil genious of the tyrant of syracuse. Miquelezos of Mendulucea decided to take advantage of his traditional enemy and claim all of Syracuse fot her rightful rulers, the Greeks. Carthago begrudgingly retreated from Lilybaeum, promising to return. However, the demoralized garrisson did not have the heart to offer much resistance after seeing the recent massacre in the plains below the city, where they lost one of their national heroes, and gave in when the hoplites scaled the walls. Lilybaeum falls to the Syracusans

Meanwhile, the carthaginians are in Caralis recruiting and training new troops.

Before allowing time to rest, Numidia invades Caralis in a rag tag fleet. The might of the Carthaginian navy is nowhere strong enough to stop the tide, and evacuates the army instead. However, even if Lilybaeum decided that being conquered by some civilized greeks was better than starvation, the people of Caralis have not the same opinion about being conquered by a bunch of goat herders, and put up a stiff resistance. Numidia cannot conquer the town and settle down for a siege in Sardinia.

PRESTIGE (previous turn) // Army size
15 Carthago (16) 5
14 Galia (14) 7
12 SYRAKOUSAI (9) 11
12 Iberia (10) 7
10 Numidia (19) 7
6 Roma (6) 6

To be continued....

04-15-2011, 04:21 AM
Turn 3 sees the Iberians lurking in their backfield, liching their wounds after their unsuccessful 8and calamitous for both) invasion of Lilybaeum.

After 3 months besieging Caralis, the Numidians destroy the will of the defenders to continue their resistance. Caralis falls to the Numidian king Prichinissa!!

04-15-2011, 04:02 PM
The Carthaginians just ˝look at the onslaught of their fellow countrymen with impotence, and promise revenge.

On the other side of Sicily, the Syracusans come to the aid of their allied (and soon to be tributaries?) the Romans, driving the Gauls in front of them and releving the siege of Rome herself. They rest in Rome while there is much rejoicing and celebration

Seeing an opening in the revelry in Rome, the gauls decide to take a detour and attack Capua!!! However, it seems that nobody to0ld the Gauls that Capua is famed for its legionary and gladiator training camps, and the assault is stopped dead on its tracks (Gaul loses a Wb, rolls a 4 on conquest roll).

With that last movement winter comes, and the armies move to their bases to recover, retrain and prepare for the spring.


04-15-2011, 04:38 PM
Map at the end of turn

Location of armies is incorrect, but you get an idea of how things ended up :)

After Easter we start the second campaign year :)


03-08-2012, 09:02 AM

After 6 months, the Gaulish invasion of Banasa (Numidia) was finally played. The Gauls were sent home reeling due to the famous Green Die god of the Numidians appeared in the battlefield thinking that it was a HOTT game. The result was a chain of sixes that compensated the initial and clear tactical superiority of the Gauls. The Gauls decided to retire after the situation was inverted and they had lost a Wb element.

Victory for Numidia 1-0

After this battle, we started the Summer season of year III.


1- Cartago (Thapsus) (5) 1 Cv(G), 1 El, 2 Sp, 1 Wb
2- Galia (Mediolanum) (10) LCh(G), 1 Cv, 7 Wb, 1 Ps
3- Iberia (Tolosa, haciendo un Erasmus) (6) Cv(G), 1 LH, 2 Ax, 2 Ps
4- Numidia (Banasa) (10) Cv(G), 3 LH, 1 El, 1 Bd, 3 Ax, 1 Ps
5- ROMA (Lilybaeum) (12) Cv(G), 1 Cv, 6 Bd, 2 Sp, 2 Ps
6- Syracusse (Acragas). (6+3) Cv(G), 1 Cv, 1 LH, 1 Sp, 1 Wb, 1 Ps (+1Cv & 2 Bd from its Roman ally detached here)

- Notice our new and glossy map courtesy to Rome_Total War and the expert (photoshop) hand of Arbaal, the Roman player.
- Rome controls the central city (Lilybaeum).
- Red lines are sea routes. ALL routes to and from the central city are maritime except those coming from Acragas and Messana.
- No movement problems in the map this turn

Roma - Siracusa
Numidia - Cartago (vassal)

Cartago - Iberia
Cartago - Siracusa
Roma - Numidia
Galia - Numidia
Siracusa - Numidia
Siracusa - Galia
Siracusa - Iberia

Carthage has refused to move, so the turn moves to the Gauls.
The Gauls see the treacherous drop of alliance status in the Iberians (they used to be allies) and decide to teach them a lesson. THE GAULS ATTACK SAGUNTUS!. The Iberians decide to make a stand. 10 vs 6 battle. The Iberians defend. So far only small skirmishing has occurred in the empty area between both armies, but it is likely that on Friday battle will be joined.