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Sub-Roman Brit Shield Wall

By Greg Kelleher and Mark Baker

Inspired by Bernard Cornwellšs "Warlord" trilogy and the great 28mm figures produced by the Foundry and GB, we've decided to stage a series of demo games fighting some of the epic dark age battles between Arthurian British and Saxon invader. Looking at the official DBA army lists, it seemed to us the British lacked a little "bite" and importantly, we wanted to replicate their ability to form a shieldwall as an effective defence.

The Sub-Roman British DBA list includes 4 x 3Aux as mandatory elements and wešve taken these troops as being the retainers of local chieftains ­ those within the British forces trained and disciplined enough to adopt this formation.

Using 1 PIP per element, wešre allowing these 4 elements (4 x 3Aux) to become 3 x 4 Spear ­ our rationale being the tighter formation would diminish frontage but enhance their fighting capacity. No movement is permitted whilst formed as a shieldwall and 1 PIP per element is required to return to normal Aux status.

3 x 3Aux can become 2 x 4 Spear. However, under our rule variation, two elements are considered too few to form an effective shieldwall.

Hope this suggestion is helpful to others.

Greg Kelleher, Armidale, New South Wales­ down under
Mark Baker, Hobart, Tasmania ­ check the map, really down under!!

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Last Updated: August 17, 1999

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