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The following variants for DBA campaigns are inspired and/or derived from the rules for travel by sea routes and are offered to add geographical variety and challenge to your DBA campaign game.

Mountainous Routes by Stephen Montague

I realized that if Hannibal had been playing by DBA's campaign rules then he wouldn't have had to worry about crossing the Alps. Napoleon would also have missed a great excuse for propaganda pictures. After checking to see if any one else had suggestions and finding none I came up with the following proposed addition to the DBA campaign rules, which seems like a reasonable way to treat mountains:

A route between two cities' can be designated as mountainous if historically appropriate. Any armies using a mountainous route treat it exactly the same as if it were a sea route, i.e. safe in summer but risky in spring and autumn.

Desert Routes by by Alan Saunders

It occurs to me that an additional wrinkle would be desert routes, which are risky in the Summer, but okay in the Spring and Autumn. March your army through the desert and watch it run out of water.

A route between two cities/provinces can be designated as desert if historically appropriate. Any armies using a desert route in summer must dice for each desert movement stage. A score of 1-2 indicates that the army has run out of water. Dice again for the number of elements lost. The first element lost must be of mounted troops (except camels) if any are present. Armies whose historical topography is classified as "dry" subtract 1 from both die rolls.

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Last Updated: March 10, 2002

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