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Like its younger brother DBM, DBA is well-suited to competition gaming, which can typically be accomplished in the context of a wargaming convention or game day, where the requisite number of gamers are on hand and removed from non-wargaming distractions. Tournaments comes in all sizes and shapes, from a few players to dozens, and with limited army options or armies restricted by period, to all-options blow-outs such the as popular Historicon "Midnight Madness" tourney. The following is a collection of tournament themes, formats and pairing systems, scoring systems and general resources to help gamers organize successful DBA tournaments.

Historical Tournament Themes

Special Open Tournament Themes

  • Auxilirama (armies with five or more Auxilia)
  • Bring on the Hordes (armies with one or more hordes)
  • Fury of the Warbands (any army with six or more warbands)
  • Pacyderms on Parade (any army with one or more elephants)
  • Wheelie Wars (any army with one or more chariots)
  • Whimpy Wars (any army with five or more light horse and/or psiloi)

"Campaign-Style" Tournaments

The following themes represent DBA campaign-style scenarios adapted for tournament play, occasionally with special rules for historical flavor. The campaign incorporates strategic map movement and serves as a match-up generator.  Players compete for prestige points to win the tournament through both victories and by acquiring tributaries/vassals.

Tournament Formats/Pairing Systems

Tournaments can be structured in a variety of different formats, from single to double elimination, round-robins, leagues, Swiss Chess and more. The following are various ideas and formats for DBA tournaments:

Related Resources:

Scoring Systems

General Resources

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