Promoting DBA

The following is a list of suggestions on how you can promote DBA, along with collected tips and information to help you with each suggestion. Additional suggestions and how-to advice is welcome.

--> Put On a Demonstration Game

--> Organize a DBA Tournament

--> Set Up a DBA (and DBA-Friendly) Gaming Club

--> Volunteer to Serve as a DBA Mentor

  • Drop me a note with your name, location, and contact information (i.e. e-mail address and/or phone number) if you willing to serve as a DBA mentor. Mentors must be willing to be contacted to answer DBA questions and offer their time to teach neophytes how to play DBA.

--> Host Your Own DBx (or Wargaming) Webpage

--> Actively Participate in Fanaticus (A Virtual DBA Community)

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Last Updated: August 12, 2002

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