DBA & HOTT Adaptations

The basic DBx rules mechanisms and the lure of quick games have led gamers to adapt the DBA and HOTT rules to alternative historical periods or game settings. Here are links to several adaptations which can be found on the World Wide Web.

Historical - Renaissance/Pike and Shot
Historical - Horse and Musket
Historical - Colonial
Historical - 20th Century/Modern Era
Historical - Naval
Fantasy or Humorous Adaptations

Fanatici Feedback: 

Barry Scarlett (a.k.a. "Lewchips"):  In Wargames Illustrated #62 (November 1992), there is an article called Napoleon DBA'd. It includes Base sizes, number of figures per base, fire factors/close combat, combat outcomes, etc. It also includes armt list for British, French, Austrians, Prussians, Russians, and Spanish. There is also another Napoleonic DBA variant in Wargames Illustrated #67. some differences and includes only two armies French and Russian for 1813.

Wargames Illustrated printed alot of DBA period variants articles. For those interested in Renaissance DBA (WI#61), ACW DBA (WI#63), French and Indian Wars (WI#65), Colonial DBA (WI#68), Expanded Renaissance DBA (WI#71), World War 1 (WI#100), Crimea DBA'd (WI#101), Naval DBA (WI#104) and ECW DBA (WI#110).

David Manley: The WW1 article in WI referred to in Barry's report is one that I wrote that is actually the basis for the set on my website (and which you have kindly inclided a link to). I recall it was somewhere around the 100-104 mark. There has also recently been a pre-dreadnought Naval variant that on first sight looks like a daft idea but which actually works very well.

Keith Venables:  Irregular Miniatures do a series of rules for colonial wargames that are clearly based on DBA. There are about 6 or 7 sets all using DBA style mechanics with troop types and combat factors tailored for the particular campaign. As far as I can remember there are rule sets for Zulu War, Boer War, Boxer Rebellion, Sioux Wars, the French in N Africa, the British in the Sudan, and the NW Frontier - Afghanistan and the Khyber Pass, etc. There may be one or two others I've forgotten. I've only played the Khyber Pass set - good, fast games, but a bit one-sided with equal numbers of units. Worth looking at for DBAers who fancy something a bit different. Fairly cheap as well, about 2-3 each?

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