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A collection of cartoons, pictures, lyrics, poems and other items offering a look at DBA from the lighter side:

Larry Leadhead Does DBA

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Fun Images

Head-Gear and Costume

To get in the spirit of a particular theme event, gamers occasionally add headgear and/or other costume components...often with humorous (hopefully intended) results.

DBA-Related Lyrics and Poems

Quotable Quotes

Phil Barker:  "DBA was written for 8-year olds, drunks and the semi-senile."

Phil Barker:   DBA = "Damn Barker Again"

Phil Barker:  "The most popular ancient rules set around the world is certainly DBA. Nothing holds a candle to it as a simple but historically accurate set."

Zippyfusenet: "At the end of the day we're just entertaining ourselves playing games with toy soldiers. DBA is a relatively simple, fast playing war game. The moving diorama of well-painted toy soldiers and terrain helps me willingly suspend my disbelief, so I'm entertained. That's all I ask for, on a Saturday afternoon."

Fizzenspark:  "DBA is a great vehicle for socializing...it's a wargaming version of speed dating....meeting new and interesting people and wiping out their armies."

Little Caesar:  "You can call me Gladys, but you better not call me Gladys Knight, cuz I ain't got no Pips."

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