15mm DBA Theme Tournament
Historicon 2003

A North American Society of Ancient and Medieval Wargaming (NASAMW) theme event
sponsored by the Washington Area De Bellis Antiquitatis Gamers (WADBAG)
with support from:

Zyston Miniatures

Hoplite Heyday -- when Spears Were King.  Organized by Mark Pozniak and members of WADBAG, this DBA theme tournament featured armies of the Greek World from 450BC to 355 BC (when Philip and his pike armed Macedonian army rose to ascendancy). The following lists were eligible for entry in the tournament: Illyrian (I/47), Thracian (I/48), Saitic Egyptian (I/53) (no HCh (Gen) option), Early Macedonian (I/54), Kyrenean Greek (I/56), Early Achaemenid Persian (I/60c), Early Carthaginian (I/61), Lykian (I/62), Later Hoplite Greek (II/5)(any sublist), Bithynian (II/6)(no warband option), Later Achaemenid Persian (II/7), Campanian, Apulian, Lucanian or Bruttian (II/8), Syracusan (II/9), Samnite (II/13).

Tournament Board

The Tournament drew 19 players, including 6 Spartans, 3 Athenians, 2 Kyrenean Greeks, 2 Thessalians, 2 Early Carthaginians, 1 Theban, 1 Samnite, 1 Early Ach. Persian, and 1 Later Ach. Persian.

L-R: Marty Schmidt, Phil Barker, Roland Fricke and David Schlanger

First place honors to Roland Fricke and his brave Spartans, who took home a Xyston Theban army pack along with his trophy. Phil Barker took a close second with his Athenians. David Schlanger took a third with Spartans. The "Butcher" award for the most total casualties (own and enemies' combined) went to Marty Schmidt, whose 4 games saw 26 elements killed, an average of 6.5 per game. Honorable mention to Mike Stelzer who also had 26 elements killed in his games, but lost to Marty in a head-to-head matchup.

The following are shots taken during the tournament. Unfortunately, the camera batteries ran low, so apologies to the gamers who are not featured.

Phil Barker (R) and David Schlanger (L) square off.

David Kuijt's Athenians mix it up with Ron Giampapa's Spartans.

Bob McDonald (L) spots while Rhonda Mesnick (R) rolls combat die.

Umpire Mike Pozniak (L) surveys his charges.

Brian Reddington-Wilde (L) and Bob McDonald (R) ponder the match-ups.

Marty Schmidt (L) and Jon Baldwin (R) concentrate on the flank.

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