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WADBAG Battle Report:
The Baltic Crusades
A Scenarios DBA Event

at Historicon 2007

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 WADBAG's David Schlanger and David Kuijt ran their Baltic Crusades DBA Scenarios event as part of the DBA schedule of events at Historicon 2007
(July 26-29, 2007) at Lancaster, PA.

16 total players were divided evenly into four groups - two Crusader groups and two Pagan groups. Each player competed against the others in his group and played through each of four historical scenarios against four different players from an opposing group.

Scenario 1 - Battle of Siauliai (Saule)
Autumn 1236AD

Background: Persuaded against his will by visiting crusaders to launch a raid into Samogitia, Master Volquin Schenk led the Knights of the Sword into battle at Siauliai in Lithuania. After plundering for several days, the raiders found their way blocked by a small number of Samogitian and Semgallian tribesmen in a marshy place close by a river. Volquin's Knights advocated that they should attack the Samogitians straight away, despite the fact that evening was drawing in; the Crusaders, however, afraid of losing their horses in the surrounding marshlands in the darkness, preferred to wait until morning, by which time the Samogitians' numbers had increased dramatically. Despite the unfavourable odds, Volquin had no choice but to fight since the enemy held the only known path through the swamp.

Crusader Brendan Sanders (Left) faces off against
Samogitian Hank "the Dread" Drapalski (Right).

David Bostwick studies the position of his pagan forces(Left) while Alex Bostwick (Right) attempts a variety of Jedi mind tricks.

Brother Knights close in on a daring group of Lithuanian skirmishers.

Scenario 2 - Winter in Prussia
January 1238AD

Background: The Teutonic Knights' real rise to fame, or infamy, began with the conquest of Prussia in a series of bloody campaigns between 1230 and 1283, fighting in the process some of the most unusual battles of this period in marshlands, deep forests, wildernesses of rivers, lakes and sand-dunes and vast frozen wastes. By these conquests they succeeded in carving out a sovereign state, the Ordenstaat, with the Hochmeister at its head, papal and Imperial bulls confirming their right to these Baltic lands.

Bill Fisher (Left) surveys the field as his Teutons fight on against Dave Reynolds (Right).

Closeup view of Dave Reynold's attack against Bill Fisher's Crusader Knights.

Aerial view of this same juncture in the battle -
the Pagans have pressed forward aggressively.

Knight of the Sword Jason Bostwick (left) and Prussian Ron Giampapa (right) display a completely different approach to the same battle. We can see the static Prussian line defend along the river bank.

A closer view from behind Ron's Prussian "Maginot Line". Unfortunately for Ron,
 it looks like Jason has threatened his flanks.

Greek Alex (Left) and Brendan Sanders (Right) pause to contemplate the carnage!

Scenario 3 - Battle of Leignitz
9 April 1241AD

Background: The Mongols struck the west at Europe's weakest point. Poland was a country of fragmented power. The most powerful figure left in Poland was Duke Henry II of Silesia and it was up to him to halt the pagan advance into western Christendom. He raised some 30,000 warriors and chose to make his stand near the town of Leignitz. The Teutonic Order could see that it was in their interest to support this Polish defense and sent their own knights and warriors to help. A call went out far and wide for more troops to assist in the defense against this utter threat to Christianity.

Eric Freiwald(Left) waits for Mark Pozniak's(Right) Mongol swarm to hit. In the background we see Mike Porter(Back left) facing Tony Aguilar(Back right).

Ron Giampapa's Mongols mean business!

Scenario 4 - The Ice Slaughter "Lake Peipus"
5 April 1242AD

Background: In this famous conflict on frozen Lake Peipus the Livonian Teutonic Knights battled the Novgorodian Russians under Alexander Nevski. Both sides mustered large and fairly equal armies, all of the Teutonic Knights' available forces in Livonia allegedly being present under their Landmeister, Dietrich von Gruningen, reinforced by subject Estonian tribesmen and Danish auxiliaries. Hearing of the Teutonic Knights' approach, Nevski arrayed his forces on the lakeside at a place called Raven's Rock. He appears to have drawn up with his infantry to the fore to absorb the impact of the Knights' charge, keeping his cavalry in reserve.

Alexander Nevski and Doug Austin(Left) observe Marty Schmidt's (Right)
Teutonic Knight charge across the dangerous ice.

Mike O'Neil(Left) reconsiders the wisdom of his all out charge across the Peipus ice, while Greek Alex(Right) wonders why his impetuous Horde would want to leave the safety of the lake embankment.

Fresh off their Sumerian glory in the Big Battle Doubles event, father and son David (Left) and Jason (Right) Bostwick face off in a Lake Peipus grudgematch.

In a closeup view of the Bostwick grudge match we can see that he ice has broken under the Teutonic left flank. Alexander Nevski has adopted a static line on the shores of the Lake.

Things don't look good for Bill Fisher's Crusaders, but it's nothing a big roll can't solve!

Here's a close view from one of the Peipus battles. The Crusader Knights lead the assault on the Russians, but their flank looks quite vulnerable.

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