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Ruler of the Nile

By David Kuijt

The Chosen of Ra

  • David Bostwick 66 pts
  • Jason Bostwick 56 pts
  • Pat Kurival 53 pts
  • Alex Bostwick 47 pts
  • Jon Bostwick 45 pts
Despoilers of Egypt
  • Rich Baier 96 pts
  • Roy Grider 79 pts
  • Stephen Baier 72 pts
  • Larry Chaban 50 pts
  • Harry Morris 30 pts
David Bostwick was the Ruling Pharoah; Rich Baier was the Chief Despoiler. They each won a cool Egyptian Diety Barker-marker to commemorate their victories; Roy Grider (as highest-placing non-victor) got a Barker-marker as well.

The battles turned out very even. Despoilers defeated Egyptians by a score of 10-9-1 (one game did not finish) in individual games; Egyptians won the majority of the games in three of the five scenarios. Five Pharoahs were killed (two by Rich Baier!); three of them were in the very tough Sea People's Invasion scenario. Every player lost at least one game and won at least one game; every scenario was won at least one time by each side.

DS and I will publish the details of the scenarios later (or perhaps provide a link to a webpage with all the details on it).

Scenario results:

Battle One: The Third Cataract (2003 BC). Nubians defending against Early Egyptians. Despoiled! 4 Despoiler victories; 1 Egyptian victory (in spite of the death of Pharoah on that occasion). Point score: 73-47 Despoilers.
Major interesting facet: one-way hill slope crossing the map; In a crucial place Egyptians must fight uphill against Nubians.

Battle Two: Qadesh (1300 BC). NKE (a) vs. Hittites. Egyptian! 3 Egyptian victories; 2 Despoiler victories. Super-Ramses was only slain once. Point score 68-56 Egyptian. Major interesting facet: lots of them. Terrain, distributed deployment by both sides, "Super-Ramses", Egyptian casualty limit.

Battle Three: Battle for the Ark (1227 BC). NKE vs. Hebrew. Egyptian! 3 Egyptian victories; 2 Despoiler victories. Many of these battles were tremendously close (4-3). Point score 79-46 Egyptian. Major interesting facet: terrain, "Ark" (using Litter rules).

Battle Four: Fields of Per-Yer (1231 BC). NKE vs. Early Libyans with Sea People ally. Egyptian! 3 Egyptian victories, 1 Despoiler victory, 1 unfinished game. Final point score 71-28 Egyptian. Major interesting facet: non-standard Libyan force mix, terrain.

Battle Five: Sea People Invasion of the Nile (1189 BC). NKE vs. Sea Peoples. Despoiled! 4 Despoiler victories, 1 Egyptian victory. Final point score 100-27 Despoiler. Major interesting facet: terrain (waterways on both sides), littoral landing (Egyptians could land a force on either side), mobile Sea People baggage.

Pictoral Highlights

By Chris Brantley

Layout for the Battle of the Ark, featuring New Kingdom Egyptians and Later Hebrews.

Kim Young (L) and Alex Bostwick (R) refight the Battle of Qadesh.

The Battle of the Cataract features Nubians defending the high ground against a Middle Kingdom Egyptian invasion.

David Bostwick and (unknown) refight the battle of Per Ye, with Egyptians defending a temple complex against a marauding alliance of Libyans and Sea Peoples.

Kim Young (L) and Jonathan Bostwick (R) fight a Sea Peoples invasion
on the Nile Delta featuring a double-littoral layout.

Dice Man Rick Baier and David Bostwick face off in the Cataract battle.

Among the prizes, winners received these Barker Markers, featuring the Reaper Miniatures 28mm figures depicting the Egyptian Gods (L-R) Annubis, Horus and Sobek.

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