DBA at Fall In!
12-14 November 2004
Eisenhower Inn, Gettysburg, PA

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The Damsel's Dowry
15mm Table-Top Campaign

What's a warlord to do? Your treasury is all but empty, and your men-at-arms grumbling for their wages, whilst the damsel Penelope Gagner Le Prix sits in yon castle upon a heaping great dowry, mourning the unfortunate death of her father, the Count de Monay, cut down by Saracens in the Holy Land. The goal of this game is to storm the Damsel's fortress, seize her and the loot, and make off with them both to your own kingdom, there to live happily ever after. The only problem, you are not the only petite noblesse with this idea. All's fair in love and war.  In this DBA variant, five gamers fought for posession of the hand of the fair Damsel.

The Initial Board Set-Up

The Damsel

Initial Deployments

David McDonald's Hunnic (?) Light Horse make a dash

Paul Stoklosa's Lithuanians give chase

The fair Damsel is abducted, but the Huns and Lithuanians cut themselves to ribbons in the battle for possession

Meanwhile a gaggle of priests (not seen) arrive to protest the abduction, but are gleefully ridden down by Matt Torres Teutonic Knights (off stage right)

John Loy's Post Mongol Russians approach in well-ordered ranks, whilst Tim Hladon's French Ordonnance and Matt Torres' Teutonic Knights eye each other apprehensively in the foreground. Soon thereafter, they made an alliance of cooperation that held till the end of the game.

The Russians arrive to relieve the Damsel from the clutches of the Lithuanians.

John's Russians attempt to make off with the Damsel, with the French and Teutons in hot pursuit.

The Teutons close the gap (left) as the Russians are slowed by the Damsel (who only moves 200P).  Forced to fight a rear guard action, the Russians start to take casualties.
The Russian are destroyed, the Princess is freed, and Matt's Teutons attempt to capture her by riding round the castle with their Bruder cavalry.  But the alliance breaks down, and Tim grabs the Damsel and presses home with his French knights to win the game.

Tim Hladon (right) takes honors for surviving the Damsel's Dowry,
his plaque augmented by a sack of gold coins (a chocolate dowry)

Clash Of Knights
15mm Giant Battle DBA

Unfortunately, Fall'in'04 seemed to die Sunday as many gamers left after breakfast to get on the road.  We only had one gamer signed up for the Class of Knights giant battle, and were booted out of the ancients gaming room by a wedding to boot.  The event was cancelled, hopefully to be resurrected at some future Con.

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