The following is a collection of links and/or text files of historical and ahistorical (or anachronistic) battles, plus a request for help with scenarios and some notes on how to submit your own scenarios to the DBA Resource Page. Note, many of these scenarios were written for DBA 1.1, and are in need of updating to reflect DBA 2d edition army lists and/or significant rule changes.


Chariot - Bronze Age

Classical Period (500 BC - 476 AD)

Dark Ages to Pre-Feudal

Early Medieval - Middle Ages


Help With Scenarios

The following is a list of some of the scenarios I'd like to eventually add to the DBA Resource Page. If you have information and/or a completed scenario for any of the following that you're willing to share, drop me a note at

  • Mantinea, 362 BC - Thebes vs. Sparta & Allies
  • Hydaspes, 326 BC - Alexander Imperials vs. Classical Indians
  • Gabiene, 315 BC -- Antigonos vs. Eumenes.
  • Thapsus, 46 BC - Marian Roman/Civil War
  • Lyon, 197 AD - Severan Romans vs. Albinus & the Army of Britain
  • Strasbourg, 357 AD - Late Roman West vs. Alamanni.
  • Nechtansmere, 685 AD. - Pictish vs. Northumbrian.
  • Ascalon, 1099 AD - Early Crusaders vs. Fatimid Egyptian.
  • Bremulae, 1119 AD. - Feudal French vs. Anglo-Norman.
  • Hattin, 1187 AD - Early Crusader vs. Ayyubid Egyptian.
  • Hypasdes -
  • Navas de Telosa, 1212 AD - Castile, Aragon, Navarre, Leon and Portugal vs. Moors (Andalusians)
  • Stirling Bridge, 1297 AD - Feudal English vs. Scots Common.
  • Bannockburn, 1314 AD - Feudal English vs. Scots Common.
  • Poiters, 1356 AD - 100YW English vs. Medieval French
  • Tewkesbury, 1471 AD - Yorkists vs. Lancastrians (War of the Roses English

Submitting Your Scenario

If you have a write-up of a special DBA scenario (with or without battle report) that you'd like to submit to the DBA Resource Page, just drop it in an e-mail to Chris Brantley at In addition to a description of the forces, any special deployment or variant rules, and a map, I welcome battle reports and your comments on tactical lessons learned and rules critiques. Don't forget to name the battle and identify the year in which it was fought (even if fictional or speculative).

Here is a Battle Template that you can download for use; just make sure to open and edit the file in a Courier or other non-proportional type font. Don't feel constrained by the template if you'd like to add or delete sections such as battle reports, lessons learned, etc.

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