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Roberto Bagna's
Wallachians (IV/65)

This is my Wallachian IV/65 army. All miniatures are 15mm Donnington,
except the General and standard bearer, who are 15mm Mirliton.

The army arrayed.

Vlad Tepes III (aka Dracula) with bodyguard (Cv Gen).

The Dracula miniature is a conversion made with a Mirliton body, Corvus Belli head and Milliput putty.

Boyars and Viteji (Lh)

Archers (Bw)

Voynik (Wb)

See shields on reverse

Peasants (Ps)

See also Roberto's Wallachian Camp with impaled men, of course.

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Last Update: 21 June 2004

My thanks to Robert Bagna for sharing this gallery.
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Chris Brantley at IamFanaticus@gmail.com.