Roberto Bagna's
Syracusans (II/9)

This is my Syracusan Army (410-210BCE) (DBA II/9). Figures (all 15 mm) are a mix of Museum Miniatures (Sp, Ax, Art, Ps), Chariot Miniatures (Ax, Cv, Cv Gen, Lh) and Corvus Belli (Wb).

Dionysius I and Mercenary Bodyguards (Sp/Gen)

The Tyrant's Cavalry (Cv/Gen)

Hoplite Phalanx (Sp)


Syracusan Cavalry (Cv)

Allied cavalry (Lh)

Oxybeles (Art)

The earliest known artillery piece, was invented in Syracuse c. 400 BC.

Peltasts (Ax)

Allied Gallic Warband (3Wb)
and Greek archers (Ps)

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