DBA Resources

Late Roman (West)
(DBA II/78a)

By Roberto Bagna

This is my Late Imperial Roman West II/78a army. Figures are 15mm Alain Touller except the general figure, knights and artillery crew are Donnington Miniatures and the balista is Musem Miniatures.

The Army arrayed

Equites Brachiati Seniores (Cv Gen)

Detail of General's Vexillum

Equites Honoriani Juniores (Cv)

Equites Catafractarii Juniores (Kn)

Equites Sagittari Parthi Juniores and Equites Secundi Scutari Juniores (LH)

Moesiaci Seniores (Bd)

Petulantes Seniores (Ax)

Sagittarii Nervii (Ps)

Balistarii (Art)

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Last Update: Jan. 29, 2004

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