Roberto Bagna's
Early Russians
(DBA III/78)

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This is my Early Russian Army (III/78). All miniatures are Essex 15 mm. All flags are paper made and handpainted, the images on the flags are old Novgorod's icons. The snow is a mix of table salt and sodium bicarbonate, fixed with carpenter's white glue (Vinavil) and covered with Humbrol clear cote.

Prince Alexander Nevskij (3Cv)(Gen)

Boyars (Russian Knights)(3Kn)

Druzhina (3Cv)

(Side View)

Druzhina (3Cv)

Smerdy and Svoi Pogyane (2Lh)

Polk (Town Militia) (4Sp)

Smerdy (Peasants) and Woodsmen

Ostrog Camp (Timber Paling Wall)

See also the Camp Gallery featuring Roberto's Early Russian Ostrog Camp.

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