Michal Ci

EARLY POLISH (960-1200 AD)
(DBA III/62a)

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This army is painted for a campaign that “Bitewny Zgielk” (a bunch of crazy Ladz) is preparing for 2008. It is made from Essex 15mm models. All models are based on 1mm thick metal bases.

The Polish army in X-XI was known as Druzyna and consisted of Pancerni [Cavalry] and Tarczownicy [foot soldiers]. The Druzyna was a very skilled and well-trained army known for their great defensive tactics known as “wojna szarpana”. Cavalry were used as a supporting arm (unlike the Frankish knights) as the heavy forest covering almost all the country made frontal charges difficult. The core of the army were Tarczownicy armed with spears and shields and bow-armed troops. No one can tell for certain if foot soldiers were using chain mail, but we know that they were using leather amour. They were also using round and Norman-style kite shields and nasal helmets. The popular missile weapons were bows and slings. We suspect that bowmen were also using two-handed axes.

Pancerni (3Cv/Gen and 3Cv)

Tarczownicy with spears (4Sp)

Tarczownicy with bows (4Bw)

Slingers (2Ps)

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