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Matthew Grippin's Han Chinese (II/41)

This Han Chinese army is comprised of 15mm Essex figures and contains additional elements to allow it to morph into a Three Kingdoms Chinese (II/63) army. The miniatures feature a standard Han color scheme with white and black flags based on those of Cao Cao (Ts'ao Ts'ao) as shown in the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" miniseries. A certain Tony Fryer painted this figures for Matthew Grippin. Both men are members of the Colorado Military Historians wargaming club in Denver, Colorado, USA.

The Army Arrayed (with Three Kingdoms options, sans artillery)

An "Unofficial" Army advances.

General in Four-horse Chariot (HCh-Gen)

General Flanked by Cavalrymen Bearing "Commander"
and Personal Standards (3Cv-Gen)

Cavalrymen (3Cv)

Horse Archers (2LH)

Crossbowmen (4Cb)

Spearmen (4Sp)

Archers (2Ps)

Camp with Camp Followers
(plus Flags Displaying "Camp" and "Provisions")

Swordsmen (3Bd) - II/63 Three Kingdoms Option

Tribal Auxiliaries (4Ax) - II/63 Three Kingdoms Option

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Last Update: June 22, 2003

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