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John Hansen's Aztecs
(DBA IV/63)

These are pictures of my Aztec army. They are mostly Gladiator miniatures with a few other manufacturers for variety. The bell banners I scratch built. They were copper bells which I cut down and then used decorator sand to simulate feathers and a feather piece from an Aztec figure for the top.

The Aztec Army Arrayed

Aztec General

Close Up A  | Close Up B

Aztec Knights (with General)

These give you an idea of Aztec shield work and how colorful this army can be. I originally painted it for DBM but DBM makes it a backward army. Your historically best troops, the Jaguar and Eagle warriors, die in droves while the hordes live, and if you win, you win with them.

The Cuahchic

Two of them demonstrate face painting as practised by the Aztecs. The last one on the right I believe is from the Chariot Miniatures Aztecs range.

Aztec Warband

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Last Update: October 17, 2002

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