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Sub-Roman British (DBA II/81c)

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Here is Arthur in all his glory! Arthur's troops are inspired by Bernard Cornwell's Arthurian Trilogy. I ended up painting the stars instead of using transfers. All are POTN figures from the Gothic range except for one Essex horse that is half-armored. I used it to represent Arthur's Knights which makes him a 3Kn(Gen).  Arthur is a conversion of a mounted Goth and the head of a Late Imperial Roman cataphract. Can I be tempted to make such a figure for the masses? Anything for a price I guess.  I have a few additions to put into this army. One is an element of Spears with Chi-Ro emblems on their shields and an element of LH, one with a fur covered torso, again from the Goths ranks.

While I enjoyed doing the conversion and having the standard made, I really am not going to use this army except in period specific circumstances, like a campaign. Good reason to haul out the Picts and Saxons. When I showed this army to the club Friday night, another Arthurian aficionado pointed out one error and I am aware of another departure from Cornwell's Trilogy so I will make one Arthurian conversion for the first person who can point out the two "errors" as represented in the pictures that differ from Cornwell's account.

Arthur and his Knights (3Kn/Gen)

[ Close-Up of Arthur ]

British Cavalry (3Cv)

Scouts (2Lh)

The Pedyt in Shieldwall (4Sp)

Skirmishing Archers (2Ps)

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