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Filippo Simoncini's
Later Achaemenid Persians
(DBA II/7)

Miniatures are a mix of 15mm manufacturers.  The Scythian Light horse, Cavalry (Gen), Auxilia Takabara, Kardakes (Sp) and Psiloi are Xyston (special thanks to Angelo "Orcomondo" and Alistair "Xyston"; they know why).  The Sparabara (Sp) and Chariots (Lch and Sch) are Essex; Other Cavalry marked "Unknown" are probably Minifigs.  I'm not sure they are really Persians, but I painted them like. Painted (in a hurry) by Filippo Simoncini.

Army Arrayed

The Army Arrayed

Army Arrayed

The Army Arrayed

(My favorite infantry line-up is 2sp+2Aux+2Ps)


Persian General (Cv)


Persian Cavalry


Persian Takabara and Medes allies (3Ax)

Medes banner close up


Kardakes (4Sp)

Note Shields design are Persian cuneiform words
left 4: 6-("we roll six" - to remember to the enemies)
right 4 alternatively: King - God (they are elite troops)


Sparabara (4Sp)
Apple "Flag" bearers


Scythian Light horse archers(2Lh)


Persian Skirmishers (2Ps)


Persian Chariots (LCh - SCh)
left: General Light Chariot (Used for camp too)
right: Scythed Chariot "Ahura-Mazda" close up

Notes on Tactics:

This is a quite light army list.  Use your Ps/Ax in bad going.  Flank enemies with Cv and Lh (the last, can ride across the table, or threaten the camps, with few PIPs).  Hold position with Sp. When it's time to hit: double movement (800paces) with Sch on flank and strike (possibly the enemy Gen.).  No open field with harder enemies (see Polybian Romans or similar).  Remember to "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

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Last Update: 11 Feb. 2004

My thanks to Filippo Simoncini for sharing this gallery.  Send any feedback or
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