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Filippo Simoncini's
New Kingdom Egyptians (I/22)

The Army Arrayed (all options)

Red-key of life; General with winged sun and cobras; then giraffe and leopard skins

Pharoah - LCh(Gen) with chariot runner

The Chariots (4xLCh)


Warrior monks with the 'Ra-eye' painted/tattooed on right eye)



With leopard quiver in papyrus field


The miniatures are a Museum army pack. The bowmen can be based 3/4; I preferred 3. The General chariot has lost the left quiver, I noticed only after taking the photos. No Camp yet, I'm waiting for the Pharoah litter releases from Bend Sinister minatures.

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Last Update: 11 June 2004

My thanks to Filippo Simoncini for sharing this gallery.
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