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Filippo Simoncini's
Medieval Germans
IV/13 (a) 1106 - 1235 C.E.

The following represents my Medieval German army of Frederick II (1194- 1250 CE).

Army arrayed (all options)

General + Knights
close-ups [1] [ 2]

Dismounted Knights (Blades)
close-up [1] [2] [3] [4]

[rear view]

Pikes (or more Spears)
[rear view]



[rear view]

useful as "ZOC-marker" too (based 4x4cm)

Notes: Heraldry patterns (knight, blades, spears, pikes) from the "Zurich Roll of Arms" (Die Wappenrolle von Zürich), except for the Teutons: Great Marshall "Herman von Salza (1209-1239) " - Auxilia "(Fidelis) Andria town militia" - General Frederick II, medieval picture from stupor mundi.

Miniatures mixed from: Mirliton (Kn-bd-sp-pk-cb-ps), Essex (kn-aux), Museum (bd) and Baueda (camp).

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Last Update: 28 April 2004

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