David Schlanger's
Alexandrians (II/12 & II/15)

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This 15mm Alexandrian army was painted by David Kuijt for the collection of David Schlanger and was last seen brutally crushing all opposition on the way to total victory at the Tony Bath BBDBA Doubles Memorial Tourney, Historicon 2002. It can morph to cover both the Macedonian (II/12) and Imperial (II/15) DBA lists. The foot figures are Xth Legion with Essex Bolt Thrower and crew. The mounted figures are mostly Xth Legion also, except the Companions, which are a mixture of Xth Legion and Gladiator, and the 3Kn (Gen) Companions, which are Freikorps with a Gladiator Big Al figure. The elephant is Gladiator, and is really brilliant. All shields are hand-painted.

Alexander and his Companions (3Kn/Gen)

[ Close-Up ]

Companions (3Kn)

Thessalians (3Cv)

Pezetairoi (4Pk)

[ Taxis Athena ]  [ Taxis Hercules ]

Hypaspists (4Ax)

Peltasts (4Ax)

Prodromoi (2Lh)

Thracians (2Lh)

Paionians (2Lh)

Elephantry (El)

Agrianians (2Ps)

Cretan Archers (2Ps)

Bolt-thower (Art)

Armies of the Fanatici > Eye Candy > DBA Resources > Fanaticus

Last Update:  13 March 2005

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