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Darren Buxbaum's
Later Serbians (DBA 142b)

The Later Serbians arrayed for battle.

The Knights of Serbia (4x3Kn)

Stefan Lazarevic (Command)
Lazarevic (alternate view)
Hornblower (Closeup)
George Brankovic & the Knights of Beograd

Serbian Gussars (2x2Lh) (optional)

Croatian and Bosnian Allies (2x3Kn)(optional)
Hrvoje Vuksic, Ban of Croatia (close-up)

Voynuk Spearmen (1x4Sp)

Krayishnici (2x3Ax)

Crossbowmen & Handgunners (3x2Ps) (optional)
Crossbowmen (closeup)
Handgunners (closeup)

Serbian Archers (3x3Bw)(optional)

Archers (closeup)

Serbian Camp
Zamanitchka Voyska (close-up)

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