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Chris Brantley's Hittite Empire
(DBA I/24)

This is the Hittite army at the peek of its empire, from the reign of Suppiluliumas (circa 1830 BC) until the fatal blows struck by the Sea Peoples and Gasgans in quick succession (circa 1180 BC). These are the Hittites who fought Ramses at Qadesh, and who forced the city-states of the Arzawa, Syro-Cannanites, and Mitanni into submission. This army is comprised of Gladiator 15mm figures (from an army pack), with a few Falcon UK Hittite spearmen thrown in for variety, along with assorted Essex horde figures. The chariots with the rounded cabs and metal knobs are Old Glory. The painted job (and pictures) are by David Kuijt, and the bases feature his new terraining technique which you have to see to believe. As nice as the army looks in these pictures, it is twice as good up close and in person. I particularly like the horde element, which is gathered around an Egyptian casualty figure from Peter Pig.

The Army Arrayed

Hittite General (Hvy Chariot)

Left View | Right View

Heavy Chariot

Heavy Chariot

Syro-Cannanite Allies (Light Chariot)

The Hittite Spear Line

Hittite Spearmen (Up Close)

Rear Shot



Hittite Horde

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