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The following are some shots of my Ancient Spanish army (DBA 52) under the DBA 1.1 rules, which is comprised of a Pass o' the North 15mm DBA army pack put together for me by Jeff Caruso. I added in two individual POTN Ligurian foot and Carthaginan citizen spear figures he provided as samples, along with some scutarii from a blister of Chariot HOG13. Several of the shields bear Veni Vidi Vici "Barbarian" shield transfers, the balance bearing designs painted or drawn on with Micron pens. Painting and pictures by the master David Kuijt.

The Ancient Spanish nobility (Cavalry) gallop to the fore.

The Spanish light horse threaten the flanks.

The Scutarii or shieldmen mass for the charge.

The Caetrati (bearers of the small round shield for which
they are named) harry their foes with javelins.

What Spanish army would be complete
without the impetuous Celtiberian warband?

In the new DBA 2.0 Spanish army lists, the Lusitani list
includes an optional Blade element, depicted here as
Marian Romans gone native with Spanish scutum shields.

See also alternative Psiloi elements representing
Balaeric slingers and Moorish (Numidian) javelinmen.

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