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Brian Kearney's
Caledonian/Pict Army

The following pictures feature a Dark Ages Pict DBA army (Caledonian/Pict #67) assembled by Brian Kearney from Donnington Miniatures' Armies of the Dark Ages 15mm range.

Here is the army en-mass:

pict1.jpg (66553 bytes)

Here is the army from another angle:

pict3.jpg (71421 bytes)

The Pict cavalry prepares to charge:

pict2.jpg (62386 bytes)

Pict foot (Warband or Auxilia) poised for melee:

pict4.jpg (43389 bytes)

All photo credits are Brian Kearney.  This images are used here with his permission, and should not be copied or otherwise duplicated without prior consent.

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