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Adventurous Spirit (Australia)
Maker of flexible roads, rivers/creeks, bad going and other terrain in 6mm, 15mm and 25mm for the wargaming table.

Architectural Heritage
See Listing at Grandiosity.

"Alternative" terrain offerings include looted barrow, hill with celtic earthwork figures, ancient stone circle, and stepped pyramid.

Armorcast Terraform Battlefield Scenary
25mm scale buildings for medievals, Feudal Japan and ancient Egypt.

Arrow Miniatures
Offering 25mm ancient, medieval and fantasy terrain.

Rresin cast terrain elements, including DBA camp scenics and modular systems (e.g. Roman fort) and models specifically designed to be compatible with DBA-M base sizes.

Battlefield Terrain Concepts (USA)
Offering custom terrain.

New Zealand WWII Miniatures company offers range of Ancient/Medieval and Japanese scenics.

Evil Gong Miniatures (Australia)
Fantasy miniaturist also sells15mm historical baggage items, such as heads on stakes, resin tents on 40mm x 40mm bases, and fortification sets.

Falcon Figures
Offering a small range of Dark Ages resin buildings, civilians and accessories, available from the Quartermaster.

Range of 25mm and 15mm-1/285 scale hard foam buildings suitable for fantasy and/or historical gaming.

Geohex 3-D terrain system, game mats, and various wargame accessories.

Grand Manner (UK)
25mm resin Late Roman and Dark Ages buildings.

Grendel Miniatures (UK)
25mm historical scenics (Olmec Head, Egyptian Gate, etc.)

Offering the 3500 Series polyurethene foam terrain.

Maker of miniature scale trees, ground flocks, and foam stone arches and walls. Catalog courtesy of Modern Models

Higher Ground (Can.)
6mm-15mm-28mm woods, rivers and resin terrain, including ancient artefacts.

Hovels (U.K.)
1/200, 1/300, 15mm and 25mm resin buildings, civilians, animals, equipment and accessories

Hudson & Allen Studies
Maker of 25mm medieval buildings. Listing at Grandiosity.

Ian Weekley Models (UK)
Lightweight urethane wargames buildings designed by Ian Weekley and available through Coritani Miniatures.

JR Miniatures
1/285, 10mm, 15mm, and 25mm ancient, European and Middle Eastern terrain. Available from Brookhurst Hobbies, GeoHex, and Grandiosity (WarWeb).

Kobblestone Miniatures (Canada)
20-25mm resin wargame buildings + fantasy terrain. From
Ancient, Medieval to the Fantasy World. Great for wargaming tables or dioramas.

Langton Miniatures (UK)
1/1200 sacle ancient buildings including representations of the Roman coliseum, full-sized Greek temples, Mediterranean style houses and civic buildings.

Leva Productions (Can)
15mm ancient/medieval tents (and 15mm, 1/285 and 1/72 scale modern terrain/buildings).

Long Range Logistics (aka Gazlannathai)(Thailand)
Source of 15mm scale resin buildings

Merrimack Miniatures (USA)
10mm "Grand Scale" ancient and medieval buildings suitable for use as BUAs.

Miniature Worldmaker (Australia)
Makes of flexible scenery, terrain squares, buildings, and landscape pieces in 6mm/285th, 15mm, and 25mm.

Monday Night Productions (USA)
Limited ranges of 1/285 and 25mm scenics, plus former Geo-hex game mats.

Monolith Designs
15mm & 25mm resign buildings for ancients wargaming.

S&A Scenics
Offering a wide variety of terrain (no buildings), DBx measuring sticks, basing and more.

Scenic Effects
6mm European buildings and terrain in various scales.

Scheltrum Miniatures (Scotland)
25mm ships and buildings for Bronze Age Northern European, Bronze Age Aegean and Fertile Crescent, Classical Greek to Imperial Roman, Dark Ages and Dark Age Scottish. Also Medieval Oriental ships; 20mm North African/Middle Eastern Buildings and 15mm Far Eastern ships.

Steve Barber Models
Buildings for ancient/medieval gaming in 25mm and 15mm scale. Also carries miniatures and accessories.

Warboards and scenics.

Last Updated:  20 June. 2006

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