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Adalbertus (Warsaw, Poland)
Oddzial Osmy range of 15mm medieval Polish and Teutonic figures.

Age of Glory (USA)
U.S. distributor for Foundry figures; also Baccus, Perry Miniatures and Front Rank.

Australian Strategic Simulations (AZ)
Online source of 20mm and 1/72 plastic figures and other gaming accessories.

Battlefield Designs (Canada)
Eslo and Minature World Maker terrain (convention sales only).

Brigade Games (USA)
Artisan, Black Tree, Castaway Arts, Crusader, Eureka, Foundry, Renegade, Bill's Bases.

Brookhurst Hobbies (USA)
Corvus Belli, Old Glory, Peter Pig, Tumbling Dice, Two Dragons, and Xyston figures. Carries wargames rules, terrain and accessories.

Campaign Game Miniatures (Spain)
Corvus Belli, Alain Toullers, Minifigs, FrontRank, Foundry, rules, bases, paints and accessories.

Canterbury Miniatures (New Zealand)
Fantici Nick Grant offers 20mm plastics from Accurate, HaT, Italeri, and Nexus.

Colonial Connection (USA)
U.S. distributor for Hinchliffe 25mm, Museum Miniatures 15mm and Foremost Flags.

EM4 Miniatures (U.K.)
Carries Corvus Belli and Baeuda scenics.

Essex Miniatures Australia (Australia)
Essex, Dixon, Front Rank, Gripping Beast, Tin Soldier, and Two Dragons miniatures, plus Hovels and Village Green scenics and VVV shield transfers.

Eureka Miniatures (Australia)
Source of AB, Eureka, Irregular and Museum miniatures, rules, paints and accessories.

50 Paces (Canada)
Corvus Belli and MiniatureWars figures, Baueda scenics and selected Leva terrain sold to North America.

Fighting 15s (UK)
European source of Eureka and Oddzial Osmy .

Frontlines Hobby (USA)
Source of Foundry miniatures, Miniature Worldmaker Terrain, and gaming accessories.

Grandiosity (WarWeb.Com) (USA)
Source of Battle Honors and Old Glory miniatures, Armory paints, Wargames Accessories, and scenics from Baueda, Old Glory, Architectural Heritage and Hudson & Allen.

The Guardroom (UK)
Source of Minifigs and Armourcast scenics.

Harfield Military Figure Specialists (UK)
1:72 (20/25mm) and 1:32 (54/60mm) plastic toy soldiers, including reissued Airfix, HaT, Italeri, Orion, Revell and Zvezda.

The Keep Wargaming (UK)
Minifigs, Naismith, Xyston, Roundway and Museum.  Hovels and Timecast scenics. Publisher/distributor of WRG rules and reference materials, along with other wargaming supplies.

The Last Square (USA)
Madison, Wis. game shop carries Essex, Dixon, Old Glory, Battle Honors, Museum, and Heriocs and Ross miniatures, rules, books and accessories.

Legends In Time (USA)
Mundelein , Il. shop carries Wargames Foundry, Artizan, Renegade and Xyston miniatures.

LittleWars (USA)
Artizan, Crusader, Mirliton, Renegade and Magister Militum ranges (Chariot Miniatures, Feudal Castings and former Navigator), and gaming accessories.

Miniature Service Center (USA)
Redoubt, Front Rank and Wargame Accessories.

MirlitonUSA (USA)
U.S. distributor for Mirliton figures.

North Star Military Miniatures (UK)
Artizan, Brigade Games, Renegage figures, ESLO terrain and Legio XX flags.

OldGloryMiniatures.Com (USA)
Licensed on-line agent for Old Glory 25mm miniatures and also offering Old Glory15s.

Olympian Games (Australia)
Australian distributor for Corvus Belli, Feudal Castings, Front Rank, Gladiator, Mirliton, Outpost and Xyston

Quartermaster (Virginia)
Falcon Figures, Copperfield, miniatures and accessories.

Source of Copplestone and Steve Barber Models and scenics.

Saber's Edge (Canada)
Source of  Artizan, Battle Honours, Copplestone, Dixon, Essex, Gripping Beast, Old Glory, Hovels, rules and more.

Silver Eagle Wargames Supply (USA)
Source of Irregular and Tin Soldier miniatures in all scales, plus rules and assessories.

Spirit Games (UK)
Source of Dixon, Essex, Heroics & Ros, Minifigs, Naismith, Roundway plus Hovels, Veni Vidi Vici transfers, rules, terrain and more.

Stonewall Miniatures (UK)
Testudo, and Architectural Heritage scenics, with painting service.

TimePortal Hobbies (USA)
Carries 15mm Old Glory, Battle Honors and Rank & File Medievals, plus a wide range of special orders, including special order Old Glory DBA army packs.

Toy Soldier (USA)
Specializing in 1/72 and 1/32 plastic figures by A Call To Arms, Airfix, Atlantic, Britains Plastics, ESCI, HaT Industrie, Italeri, IMEX, Marx, MPC and Timpo.

Vatican Enterprises (USA)
U.S. distributor of the Hudsen and Allen line of 25mm wargaming scenics.

Vexillia (UK)
U.K. distributor for Mirliton and Venexia figures, Bauda scenics, and Freezywater flags.

Wargames, Inc (USA)
U.S. distributor for Essex historicals. Also carries Dixon, Corvus Belli, DBx rules/WRG books, Hovels, VVV transfers and Wargames Accessories.

Wargames Figures Company (U.K.)
A&A Miniatures, BloodAxe, Chariot, Dixon, Donnington, ERM, Feudal Castings, Grumpies, Hallmark, Kennington, LKM, Minifigs, Museum, Newline, Pendraken and VVV.

Wargames Forum (U.K.)
Storefront for Crusader, Dixon, Front Rank, Gladiator, Irregular, Matchlock, Old Glory, Outpost, Testudo, Tin Soldier, Two Dragons and 1st Corps miniatures, with links to sales sources. Also rules, terrain, accessories.

Wolf Miniaturas (Spain)
Spanish source of A&A, Artisan, Black Tree, Brigade Games, Copplestone, Corvus Belli, Crusader, Renegade, and Xyston.

Webster Enterprises
Source of  Naismith, Old Glory, Roundway, and Tin Soldier miniatures, DBx rules, paints and accessories.

Woodrow's War Store (CA)
1/72 plastics, Blacktree 28mm, and expanding into metals.

Other Resources

Last Updated: 1 January 2007.

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