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Ancient/Medieval Miniatures

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The following manufacturers offer miniature figures suitable for ancient and medieval wargaming. Manufacturers with product news, samples for review, and/or who would like me to add or update a link can contact me at with details.

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15mm Miniatures

50 Paces 15mm Vikings (carved by Marco Campagna).  (Canada)
AB Miniatures 15mm Ancient Greeks, Early Imperial Romans and Sassaninds.  Distributed through Eureka Miniatures [Reviews] (Australia) and by special order through EurekaUSA
Alain Touiller Figurines 15mm Huns, Late Romans, Mongols & Medieval Knights. (France)
Ancient & Modern Army Supply 15mm Donnington ranges of figures. (U.K)
Baker Company 15mm Siamese & Burmese figures. (U.K.)
Baueda Hostis range of  15mm Vikings, Normans, Lombards, Franks, Carolingian Franks, Emishi, Camillan Romans (flaming pigs and handlers), and Ottoman Baba Yaga.
Black Hat Miniatures Former Gladiator range of 15mm Ancient/Medieval (Old/Middle Kingdom Egyptians, Ancient Greece and Persians, Late Imperial Romans, Goths, Dark Ages, Feudal, Crusades, and early Rennaissance Europe, Asiatic Nomads, Chinese, Aztecs, and DBA Army Packs). Sells direct to U.S.  [Reviews]  (U.K.)
BloodAxe Miniatures Carved by Lance Runolfsson. 15mm Early Hoplite Greeks, Hawaiians, Camp Followers. Licensed to Historifigs (North America) and East Riding Miniatures (Europe). [Reviews] U.S.)
Camelot Miniatures 15mm Vikings, Russ and Conquest-Dynastic Arabs. (Italy)
Chariot 15mm Biblical, Classical, Ancient, Oriental and Dark Ages ranges purchased by and trading as Magister Militum.   [Reviews] (U.K.)
Copperfield Miniatures 15mm Thai and Koreans (Yi Dynasty, Silla, Chosun and Korgyu). Available from The Quartermaster.  (U.S.)
Donnington Miniatures Extensive line of 15mm Ancients/Medievals, including specialty casualty figures and DBA armies acquired by Ancient and Modern Army Supplies. [Reviews]. (U.K.)
East Riding Miniatures 15mm Classical Indians, 15-16C Eastern Europeans and Spanish, and English/Scots Border Reivers. Thracians, Burmese and Sumerians on the way. (U.K.)
Essex Extensive ranges of Ancients, Dark Ages, Medievals, Renaissance in 15mm. DBA army packs. (U.K.)  U.S. Distributor:  C&B Minis   U.S. Retail:  FRP Games, Noble Knight Games
Eureka Miniatures Ancients/Medievals developed through its 300 Club Range.  (Australia)  U.S. Retailer: EurekaUSA
Falcon Figures UK
(Alt. Site)
15mm Sumerian, Akkadian, Skythian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Urartu, NKE, Hittites, Mittanni, Nubians, Sea Peoples, Midianite Arabs, Blemmye, Illyrians, Picts, Macedonians, Normans, Scots, Bretons, Burmese, Javanese, Malay, Indonesian, Mongols, Tuaregs, Saracens, Berbers, Aztecs, Tlaxcallans, Teutonics, Hussites, Poles, Ottoman Turks, Wars of the Roses English, French Ordonance, Landsknechts, Italian Wars, and Armies of South America. [Reviews] (U.K.)
Feudal Castings

("Bloody Day Miniatures"
by Sgt. Major Miniatures)

Remaining stock at
Quick Reaction Force

15mm Scots, Irish, Picts, Welsh, Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Norman, Vikings, War of the Roses English, Medieval Knights, Kush, Auxumites, Koori, and Samurai, plus former Freikorps range of Polybian Romans, Greeks, Macedonians, Carthaginians and their respective allies/auxiliaries. [Reviews] [ [Freikorps Reviews] (U.S.)
Frontier 15mm Picts, 25mm Romans, Barbarians, Vikings and Medievals. Retailers: House of Stuff (U.S.). (U.S./U.K.)
Gallia 15mm Late Romans, Vikings, Feudals, Late Medievals, Samurai and Ronin, Renaissance, Animals and Equipment. [Reviews] (U.K.)
Gladiator Miniatures See Black Hat Miniatures above. (U.K.)
Grumpy's Miniatures 15mm Indonesian/Malay, Persian, Moghul. Distributors: East Riding Miniatures and Eureka Miniatures. (Australia)
Hall of Ancient Warriors 15mm N.K.E., Philistine, Myceneans, Hittites, Syrians, Sea People, Canaanite, Chin Chinese, Burmese, Tibetan, Indian, Mongol, Han Chinese, Tang Chinese, Khmer, Chinese Nomad, Horde, Picts, Hungarians, Asiatic, Norse-Irish, Parthians, and baggage. (Australia)
IrRegular Miniatures 15mm Ancients and Medievals. Including DBA compatable army packs. Retailers: Silver Eagle Wargaming Supplies (U.S.A.). [Reviews].  (U.K.)
Isarus and Medus Figures Former Tabletop ranges of 15mm Ancient, Dark Ages and Medieval figures issued by Alternative Armies. (Scotland)
Kennington 15mm Ming Chinese. Retail: CombinedArms, Inc.. [Reviews] (U.K.)
Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Central Asians (Khurasanians, Tadjiks, Turcomans), Sarmatian/Alans, Bosporans, Tibetans and Late Romans. (U.S.)
Lancashire Games 15mm Biblical, Classical, Dark Ages, Medieval & Renaissance and Samurai. [Reviews]  (U.K.)
Legio Heroica 15mm Early Crusaders, Feudals, and later Swiss.  Imported in USA by Olde Rivertowne Miniatures. (Italy)
Lo.Hobbi.t.Studio 15mm Early Romans. (Italy)
Lurkio 5-7c Germans, Byzantines, W. Huns, Canari, Mapuche (UK)
Magister Militum Former Navigator, Chariot and Hallmark ranges of 15mm ancient and medievals.  North American Distributer:  LittleWars (U.K.)
Matchlock Miniatures 15mm Skythians, Early Persians, Macedonians, Assyrians), Dark Ages (Saxons and Normans), Irish Wars, and Italian Renaissance. (U.K.)
MiniatureWars 15mm Early Byzantines, Goths, Polybian Romans and Ancient Spanish. Coming: Samnites, Franks, Sarmatians and Gladiators. By Marco Campagna. Distributor: At 50 Paces (North American).
Miniature Figurines (Minifigs)
Miniature Figures USA
Wide selection of true 15mm Ancients, Dark Ages, Medievals, and Pike and Shot. See new Macedonian/Successors and Ancient Indians. [Reviews] (U.K.)
Mirliton S.G. 15mm Communal and Condottieri Italian, Teutonic/Crusaders, Etruscans and Early Romans/Latins. Distributors: Vexillia (UK), MirlitonUSA, and LittleWars (USA) [Reviews ] (Italy)
Museum Miniatures 15mm Ancients/Medievals (including DBA Army Packs). U.S. distributor: Colonial Connection.[Reviews] (U.K.)
Mick Yarrow Miniatures Former Tabletop Games15mm New Kingdom Egyptians, Assyrians, Macedonians, Thracians, Maccabeans and Mountian Indian, Vikings and American Indians, Maori, Omani Arabs, Celts, Minoans and Hittites. [Reviews] (U.K.)
Naismith Design 15mm Ancients/Medievals, Renaissance and Samurai by NavWar. [Reviews] (U.K.)
Oddzial Osmy 15mm Teutonics and Later Polish.  Available through Fighting 15s (Poland)
Old Glory 15s Extensive biblical, ancient, dark ages and medieval ranges in 15mm. Retailers: Battle Honours (in Europe), Brookhurst Hobby, Grandiosity/WarWeb, Old GloryTime Portal Hobbies is offering specially packaged Old Glory DBA armies. [Reviews] (U.S.)
Outpost Wargames Services 15mm Avars, Burmese, Carthage, Greeks, Khmer, Persian, Republican Rome, Slavs, Sui and Tang Chinese, Crusade-era Islamics, Romano/British, Early Saxons and Early Franks, plus 1/3600 ancient galleys and 1/1200 medieval cogs. [Reviews] (U.K.)
Pass o' the North

(out of production) 

15mm Carthaginians, Gauls, Iberians, Marian Romans, Numidians, Late/Patrician/Arthurian Romans, Goths/Later Germanics by Fanatici Jeff Caruso.  (Alt Site) [Reviews] (U.S.)
Peter Pig 15mm N.K. Egyptian, Midianite Arab, Parthian, Roman, Frankish warband, Taureg, Moors, German warband, HYW   [Reviews] (U.K.)
QR Miniatures 15mm Early Polish, Vikings, 13 Years War, and Eastern Renaissance (Poland)
Rank & File Miniatures 15mm 15-16th Century Medieval, produced by Old Glory Miniatures. [Reviews
Rebel Miniatures 15mm Early Imperial Roman (and DBA Packs)
Roundway Late Medieval/Renaissance. Retailers: NavWar (UK). [ Reviews ] (U.K.)
Sgt Major Miniatures Bloddy Day range (of former Feudal Castings Dark Ages and Auximite/Eithopian figures )
Splintered Light 15mm Romano-British, Early Anglo-Saxons, Scots-Irish,  Picts and Normans.  (U.S.)
Stronghold Miniatures 15mm Tibetans, Swiss, Burgundians and Italian Wars. (U.K.)
Testudo 15mm Marian-Augustan Roman, allies and Gauls. (ownership of the range currently in transition) [Review] (Italy)
Timeline Miniatures 15mm Siamese/Burmese (UK).
Tin Soldier Figurines 15mm Ancient and Medieval, including DBA army packs. Retailers: Silver Eagle Wargaming Supplies (US). [Reviews] (U.K.)
Toolshed Miniatures Former  Tumbling Dice ranges of 15mm pewtar Early Hoplite Greeks.  [Photo Sample] (U.K.)
Tres Corbies Warrior Women of Erin (Scots-Irish; also suitable for use with Picts, Welsh, Pre-Feudal Scots and most Dark Age).  Includes DBA II/54a army pack.
Two Dragons Productions 15mm Japanese, Vikings/Dark Ages, Rus, Anglo-Normans, Saxons, Ottonian/Late Carolingian Franks, and peasants.  Line Art Reference.  Retailers: Brookhurst Hobbies. [Reviews] (U.K.)
Viking Forge 15mm ancient/medieval. (Former Asgard ranges) [Reviews]
Venexia Miniatures

(acquired by Sgt. Major Miniatures)

15mm Early Hebrews, Philistines, Ottoman Turks, including DBA army packs. Available from Vexillia  (UK) and Olde Rivertowne (US). [Reviews] (Italy)
War and Empire 15mm classical ancients (multiple ranges) by Forged in Battle.  Includes buildings and shield transfers.
Warrior Miniatures 15mm & 25mm Ancients and Medievals (U.K.)
WarModelling 15mm Classical period, including former Fantassin ranges. (Spain)
Xyston Miniatures Expanding range of 15mm ancient armies of the Classical/Hellenistic period, and 1/600 ancient ships. Retailers: Brookhurst Hobbies (U.K.)



Alphacast (Greece) [ Reviews]
15mm Hoplite Greeks

Corvus Belli (Spain)
15mm Celts/Gauls/Ancient Brits, Early Imperial Romans & allies, Numidians, Carthaginians and Medievals. DBA army packs.

Falcon Miniatures (U.S.)
15mm Ancients. [Reviews]

Ital Model Miniatures (Italy)
15mm Parthians, Early Germans and Italian renaissance.

Jacobite (U.K.)
15mm Ancients/Dark Age/Feudals, including DBA army packs. Acquired by Stronghold Miniatures?  [Reviews]

Kremlin Miniatures (U.K.)
15mm Siberian Tribal Warriors and Siberian Tatars, but ranges appear to be out of production..

Outland Games Miniatures (USA)
15mm Normans and Byzantines, cows & sheep, but rnges appear to be out of production.

Tabletop Miniatures (Wales, U.K.)
15mm ancient and medievals. Out of production as of May 2005.

Thistle and Rose (USA) (relaunch of the classic T&R ranges of Dark Ages/Crusades period figures expected in 1st quarter, 2015)

Xth Legion (U.K.)
15mm Punics, Hellenistic, Persian, Asian and personalities. Formerly licensed by Gladiator, returned to sculptor Steve Saleh; currently out of production. [Reviews]


Last Updated: 18 August 2015

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